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In true RPG style lets start things off with Session Zero.

Session Zero is a game about creating characters. Using a standard deck of playing cards you can create characters and their back stories.

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So soon some of us might be self isolating with a lot of time on our hands or not being able to get to our regular gaming group. I want you all to know that there is a whole world of games that you can in this time.

That is correct, games that you play alone are a thing so come with me now into the wonderful world of solo gaming and lets play alone together.

We will start with some solo RPG games:

Identifying plants in our garden. 

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Identifying plants in our garden. 

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Identifying plants in our garden. 

Normally panic buying doesn’t really effect me. It’s normally the bread or pasta that goes so I just get flower and make my own. When the milk runs out it doesn’t matter, I don’t have milk. Today however I went to the dried and tinned isle and there were no chickpeas. They have panic bought me out of hummus! If I have to go without hummus for 14 days I think I will wither away.

Been thinking about delay line memory of recent, specifically the mercury tanks used In early computers, and if it would be fun to try and experiment with recreating one but with water.

I tried gnome last night again and just reinstalled with xfce again. I am sure gnome must be ok but I always have the same issue, my laptop with xfce goes from cold to login in about 10 seconds. With gnome it takes upwards of a minute before the login screen appears and linger still for the desktop to appear.

More reading! I have an old leather bound copy of this somewhere at my parents.

I have never had breadfruit but it sounds excellent.

Well there you go, you learn something every day.

Today I learned about MQTT brokers and clients.

I am envious of the speed at which my wife can read and still have the information go in. She digested nearly a whole book this weekend in the amount of time it has taken me to read a chapter.

I hate being a slow reader. There are so many books I want to read but I often struggle with motivation when I look at them because I know to get through them it’s going to be such a huge time sink. I still read because I love it and books are good but my ability is work against my enthusiasm for it.

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I’m Hannah and I work as a reference librarian in a public library. I like to write - and I’m very good, trust me - and I like to play games. Right now I’m running a game in a home brew world that I’m super excited about.

Also I am super bad at talking about myself???


Starting my own wiki on my website. I intend to fill it with notes on all sorts of things I learn/ research because keeping it all in my head is to forget it all.

A friend who reads tarot put me onto these beautiful cards. Now time to flesh out an idea I have been toying with.

Spent all morning trying to work out why a pin on an esp32 was not behaving how it should when all of the rest were. Turns out the Arduino IDE doesn't throw an error if you go out of bounds on an array.

A little while ago one of our group said they had an idea for running a campaign about a curse. Since that last meeting we have had to cancel for:

2 cases separate of flu.
Someones elderly relative had a fall and needed to be taken to hospital.
1 case of emergency surgery.
Car accident.

So yeah, curses eh.

I am in the market for a deck. Any artists on the fedi producing interesting decks or know of anyone who is?

Looking for something fairly bold and not necessarily in the traditional fantasy style.

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