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Stop using custom binary save files.

Your user should be able to move their work to a competitors software if they wish, they own their work not you.

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Can you describe what your software does without using the word “and”?

If you can’t then you should probably be writing 2 different bits of separate software.

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Write software that does one thing well and know that that thing is.

When adding features ask yourself, is this something needed to do X or is this something additional that compliments X.

If the later you don’t want a feature, you want different software.

Capitalism knows time is money and knows getting software written faster is better than getting software written well.

Be wary of tools that claim to let you write code faster and easier; they aren’t helping you write code better.

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Use lower level languages more.

Using higher level concepts often makes writing code easier and faster, but often come at the expense of making debugging problems harder.

Debugging is the hard part, not the writing.

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A random jumble of unorganised thoughts on software; a thread:

Jane Eyre, but she is a vampire.

And instead of blood she lives off the love of tragic men.

Jane Vampeyre.

Now able to filter entries by tag. Not a bad feature add for getting up early and tapping away at the keys before the little one awakes.

Me after changing a rear break bulb in my wife’s car: I am a mechanic now!

Seriously though, writing software for android sucks.

Me: *opens project for android app i wrote 8 years ago*

Me: *faints*

Can display entries in the Zettelkasten in a nice way now.

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boost if you sometimes feel like you have zero skills

Ncurses is not as arcane as it seems. Actually as creating a UI goes its one of the simpler ways to do it.

Update on journaling software, can now create and read entries in a journal file, everything stored in plain text.

Next step implement a simple plain text database system to search entries up.

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