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We watched The Neighbourhood Nightmare last night, its one of those mass produced by the numbers thriller films produced by people like the hallmark channel. It should be held up to audio engineers as an example of how compression can be your worst enemy.

Who decided on the order of the alphabet and how did they arrive at that order?

“Free software is crap, I always pay money for better software because the free stuff never works properly” - A person who pays yearly for Microsoft office 365.

One of the things i do love about the xc8 compiler is how easy it is to reserve an area of memory in your code.

const volatile unsigned long serial_number __at(SERIAL_NUMBER_FLASH_LOCATION) = 0;

that is all it takes.

This morning angry people in the press will make the argument that Harry and Meghan aren’t struggling in comparison to ordinary people.

They will also not realise that they are really making the argument for why we should destroy the whole monarchy.

I am starting a worst website of the year award. This years top prize goes to.... every website.

Things I learned today.

Implementing a usb port on a pic using MCC is surprisingly easy.

The interrupt key word doesn’t work if the XC8 compiler is in C99 mode, use __interrupt() instead.

The ? Operator in C is handy as hell for checking the state of port registers.

And we are into day two of the British media banging on about the royals like the the word is ending not realising that most of the country simply doesn’t give a hoot.

Its sad also because the Norfolk accent is fairly odd as regional accents go.

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Im thinks about regional accents now and how my own regions accent/ dialect is slowly being erased because it’s not ‘cool’. I actually have quite a broad accent and have done video tutorials for things where I have been told to reign my accent in because its a bit too much and it makes me sad.

Me watching the film fighting with my family:

Why do all of the residents of Norwich in this film have west county accents? Why can no actors do Norfolk accents?

This is an implementation of a std::vector like growable array, but in plain C89 code. The result is a type safe, easy to use, dynamic array that has a familiar set of operations.

I mean I know you just use void * and realloc to create a dynamic array but is seemed a really good implementation.

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I found a really interesting implementation of a dynamic array vector in C99 that was just a single header with a bunch of macros earlier and now I cannot find it again. Annoying.

6 days. Had to go into the registry to clear COM ports that didn’t exist out.


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I recently became aware that someone liked my little pen and paper story writing game they used it as inspiration to create their own little game. This makes me feel more warm than someone just enjoying the game. For my work to actually inspire someone else to create something is, I think, the highest praise.

Me decorating earlier:

*Carefully pours paint into tray.
*Carefully mixes water with paint to thin it for mist coat.
*Carefully places lid back on tin
*Carefully stands up to move tin out of way.
*Carefully places whole foot in tray of paint accidentally.
*Carefully sighs loudly.

Creating a cli based personal wiki/note taking platform that uses a github/lab repo to make data available across computers.

I make pizza from scratch often enough that I am wondering if it would be worth while me building a pizza oven in the back garden this year.

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I collect a ton of 6502 asm notes/guides/tools/sources over at if you're interested in learning assembly:

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