I think I won't want to get into for its own sake; for one thing I don't have the dedicated space, and packing away everything after a few hours work every time is just too annoying.

But the result of an amateurish, yet good enough, paint job on my tokens might become a habit.

I need to use these paints and brushes for something else, after all :-)

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The colour schemes were tricky. I wanted to keep them muted and pale, because the game supplies them white and grey.

This is because the Invaders and Blight are the “enemy” figurines, and should not be associated with any player. So I couldn't have colours that confused or drew attention away from the bright appealingly-coloured player tokens.

For the same reason I decided against fine detail like an oil wash; everything is in plain colour. This helped keep the work easier too.

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This is the first time I've put paint to figurines and I bought all the equipment just for this job.

So I knew that the demands of this one – dozens of identical figurines in 4 different types – indicated I should keep the scheme very simple for each one. That paid off: I was able to make a choice of colour and then paint all the identical figurines of one type in that coat.

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This occupied half a table for most of the past 12 months. For a couple of months they mostly sat idle. I got them primed but then messed about tentatively with colours.

Then the pandemic hit, and space at home became more crowded and the few spaces available to paint became much less available for long hours at a time. So nothing for most of this year.

About half the actual work was done in the past couple of weeks. It felt *so good* to complete this and clear it away!

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My first figurine job is complete! All the Invader and Blight tokens for base game, painted and varnished.

My folding board Town Square for looks alright but doesn't open properly without damage.

The graphic layout is pretty good, but the spine doesn't meet properly and the outer paper panels warp outward when the board opens, instead of staying stuck.

The “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” box is finally transformed into a new Grimoire.

(See boardgames.social/@bignose/104 where I lined the inside of the lid and tray.)

The art panels resemble a huge leather-bound book, with three edges imitating the book pages.

Found the spare time and room, to line my grimoire with black paper and felt.

Can't play in person, but the projects can continue!

For some options, I decided to get into . The Interweb tells me the Frontiers edition combines well with the original and makes for good solo play.

After applying card sleeves, the base deck and Frontiers don't fit everything.

So I've removed the starter-deck cards from the base deck, and am now dividing the rest: all starter cards in the base deck box, all faction cards in the Frontiers box.

Can I ditch the duplicates? Have I made a grave error?

Slow-track project to make a new Grimoire.

Beginning of the month: acquired _Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: The Board Game_, published 2000, from a second-hand store for $5 solely for its nice sized box.

Last week: carefully stripped off the existing paper panels from the box.

Yesterday: applying the leather-look Grimoire panels to the box.

Current state of my Grimoire.

Countless trials and discarded attempts to get this far, and I've learned a bunch about making home-brew game components!

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I’m Hannah and I work as a reference librarian in a public library. I like to write - and I’m very good, trust me - and I like to play games. Right now I’m running a game in a home brew world that I’m super excited about.

Also I am super bad at talking about myself???


The game includes a big collection of question cards with multi-choice answers arrayed like on the game show. The questions are hilariously out of date.

I was hoping it had a game board, which can be cannibalised for making other games. No such luck, though; it's all cards and a crappy plastic device for exposing the answers.

No problem, the box alone is worth the purchase price of $4 from the opp shop.

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Picked up a good-sized box. This is the 2000 edition of the licensed board game of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, a banal TV quiz game from that time.

I love this size for my next Grimoire for . Some of the BotC tokens have decided to photo-bomb for scale.

One critic declares that these “look like pizza vomit”.

Deciding some of the colours to paint the Invader tokens in boardgames.social/@bignose/103 so this seems to be a good reaction for the Blight tokens!

So many fiddly models in .

The Explorer figures are arrayed conveniently for on this box, but what's this Blight encrusting the sides too?!

I also went against common advice, by choosing to begin on our first really humid rainy cloudy day.

Ironically, the weather today is what drove me indoors and convinced me I had many hours to fill in a big session!

Why do all the ideal opportunities always get consumed by commitments to others.

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The models are held in place with poster tacky blobs, on reject cardboard boxes from a project. This lets me paint them all in one go without having to pick up and hold every single fiddly one in my clumsy fingers.

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All these items were ready weeks ago. Including the wet palette (great advice from everyone to make one!).

So when I finally got the time to begin today, I found that the wet palette had grown mold in the time it had sat closed in the shed. I'll have to get the discipline to clean it before using.

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Step zero was consuming a bunch of advice articles and videos, then acquiring a bunch of products.

Purchased: a big-ish pot of grey primer; a collection of four brushes; a “starter set” of model paints in ten colours.

Constructed: a paintbrush water jar-cum-holder; a wet palette.

Thank you to the community for lots of advice on what is needed and, especially, what is *not* needed when starting a simple beginner project.

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