Played Viticulture with my wife at a McDonalds play area. Fun for the kids and fun for us.😀

@nate Love . Its one that you can pull out and teach in just a minute or two.

@robert I took a look at it a few days back. Looks pretty awesome and I will likely pick it up. My wife and I bought the Hellas and Elysium board a couple weeks ago and we have been loving it.

Hi all. I live in San Diego and love boardgames. Some of my favorites are Terraforming Mars, Caverna, Viticulture and Star Wars Rebellion. Thanks @robert for running this instance!

Oh wow. I guess my post on /r/boardgames had a noticeable turnout.

@robert @novaobserver

Yeah, being the ghost seems more difficult to me. Some of our players jokingly said that I was a bad ghost. Their statements were rescinded after being ghost once.

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