The new game materials are gorgeous. Can’t wait to play!

I’m headed to my printshop to print the second iteration of the board game I’m designing. Wish me luck! I can’t wait for round 2 of alpha testing!

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Long day at a good conference, but I’m ready to not people for a while!

Crowd sourcing a solution: I used to create class circles on G+ when I was teaching. Now returning to teaching, but G+ is no more. 😭 have any of you replaced it with something you like as much or better (or even not as much but which is functional)? I am checking for alternatives because I used it in my courses a LOT.

I’m currently unemployed, but still trying to finish my dissertation. So how much did I get done today? NONE! Instead I worked on a board game design. Very productive use of my time.

Hello! I’m new to Mastodon and to this group. Thought I’d say “hi”!

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