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Heya, I'm Elda King, a nerd from Brazil.

I have been on Mastodon for a while but just moved here. On this account I'll be mostly tooting about games (boardgames but also probably computer games).

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People keep saying Civilization 6 is "similar to a boardgame".

It has hexes, you see, and turns, and abstractions such as immortal leaders and culture points. Something something simulation. Oh, and 30 years ago it took inspiration on a boardgame with a similar name.

Those people apparently don't know boardgames at all and have a very limited perspective on videogames. :/

It's like, what? Is this an euphemism for "not available in your country"?

It's not like I was going to purchase anything, but this jumps out as beyond reason. This single season pass, not exactly a high priority for anyone, is now over 1/4 of the monthly minimum wage.

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Wow, casually saw the regional price for the new Civ 6 DLC (weren't going to buy it anyway).

They "corrected" for currency devaluation, so the new US$40 season pass costs more on its own than the US$60 base game plus the previous US$40 expansion (with old regional pricing).

For the first time since... ever?, regional pricing is _unfavorable_ to my third-wold country. Not just worse than before, but worse than buying in USD.

At the Gates is such a great game, but it is so unstable/buggy... :(

Prison Architect: a management game so dark that Paradox Interactive bought the rights to turn it into a franchise.

CK2 is, quite frankly, ugly. Pretty is one quality it does not have.

But I think so far, I still prefer the simple character portraits than the lavish-yet-weird scenes from the sequel. (Everything else looks incredibly better though).

Of course, everything we saw so far is work in progress so it could change... but I doubt in so little time it will change a lot.

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CK3, on the other hand, presumably uses 3d exactly because it allows them to just combine stuff in different ways to create scenes on the fly.

A quite different approach, and I certainly can appreciate the diversity and interactivity this could create.

So it isn't just strictly "worse", I guess. But, going just from the trailers... I wish they made it a bit simpler, I guess? A bit more stylized or something.

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By contrast, Civ 6 leader designs and animations are gorgeous. They are kind of cartoonish, but feel way more natural.

Of course, it is in large part because the number of Civ leaders is very limited and interactions are brief and infrequent. So a huge deal of effort goes into each leader and each short animation. But the effect is good.

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CK3 doesn't look "bad". It is pretty ok (more than good enough), and has many things that look well done. I'm not an artist so I don't know shit about any of this, but I'd describe it as scene composition, art direction, design of clothes and environments, this kind of thing.

But it also looks overly artificial. Not smooth or consistent. Not even uncanny valley, because it is not "realistic". But it lacks a style, so it just looks like (relatively) poorly-made realism.

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Today I saw new trailers for Crusader Kings 3 and the next Civilization 6 DLC. One thing that really struck me was the huge difference in quality of the 3D/animation. (Civ 6 is the better one)

On Mars looks very much like Vital Lacerda looked at Terraforming Mars and thought "this game is awful, let's fix this".

Yeah, that did it.

Plus almost memorizing the scenario (which I had already played IRL, probably twice).

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What I'm saying is, maybe they should have come with some sci-fi mumbo jumbo instead of this whole "knock unconscious" thing. Stasis fields or whatever.

Also, it's not like knocking people unconscious is a reliable way to capture people in the real world.

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Watching a few videos of the new XCOM Chimera Squad, and it looks quite good.

But the "arrest" system just doesn't make any sense. You arrest unconscious enemies when you rush to evacuate. You explode a lot of things right besides their unconscious bodies with no effect. And since subdual is only possible at low health, first you have to fire lethal guns or explosives - you now, to make sure you get them alive.

Aaaah, I have been forgetting that characters actually start with 30g worth of items. Which is a lot. Hope to succeed at least once after I add these...

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Since our group isn't going to be meeting off-line any time soon, I decided to try Gloomhaven solo on TTS.

Got two embarrassing defeats on the first scenario. The "increase difficulty to hard because you have perfect information" thing is just too much.

Heya, I'm Elda King, a nerd from Brazil.

I have been on Mastodon for a while but just moved here. On this account I'll be mostly tooting about games (boardgames but also probably computer games).

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