We are live on Kickstarter with our newest Catacombs tabletop game, Catacombs Cubes. kickstarter.com/projects/elzra

Save the date: August 21st 2019 for the launch of Catacombs Cubes on Kickstarter

Lead designer of the Catacombs line of tabletop games. Owner of publisher Elzra. Catacombs Cubes (coming to Kickstarter in 2019) is our latest tabletop project and features building with wood polycubes.

Elzra is exhibiting at SHUX this weekend (Booth 102)

The box for the upcoming playmat version of Catacombs 3e (third printing) is looking to be very big...

Cover artwork by Denis Martynets for our upcoming title "Catacombs Cubes"

We came up with some alternate hero rules cards for Catacombs 3e last week. Perhaps we will release them at some point.

"Western Legends" the new "open world" western themed game by Kolossal Games on display at Gen Con .

First time visiting the Lucas Oil Stadium expansion at Gen Con . Tabletop games being played inside a football stadium...

Took some photos of the new expansion "Mother of Dragons" for the "A Game of Thrones" board game on display at Gen Con 2018.

@robert - thank you Robert for on boarding me so promptly.

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