Have not beeb playing boardgames for a while. But I've been playing The Forest with my partner. Very fun bit creepy game! Like you want it to stop but you can't stop actually playing it.

Following a hint here in the board, I bought and tried Four against Darkness. I love it! I spent good evenings delving with my party. Will purchase some addons as well 😊

Played a couple of rounds of
A great "tower defence" game where the players as monsters need to defend the castle from hordes of angry villagers and heroes. Amazing!

Such is the destiny of a Legacy game. Its so weird to destroy cards and components but also its super fun!

Played a first game of . Needed some time to get the rules on the table, but in the end was a great game! I understand why it's so popular, can't wait to give it another try!

Played the first case of . We did really bad 😂
We will try another time case 1 before trying case 2.

But amazing game! Must buy!

TIL There’s a Tumblr dedicated to control panels. This one is “The Office Of The Future - New York World’s Fair, 1964”


Did another mission of Mansion Of Madness. This time we were less lucky. We ended up being killed by cultists. 😱💀

So I took out from the box my old copy of Risk Legacy. We did just 3 rounds of it and I see some people interested in having a go.
Was wierd to see the date of when we first played... 2014 😱

Was finally able to play a game of ! The scenario was super cool and we managed to survive 😎
Will defo add this into my collection

Lately I've been listening to this podcast about . Strongly recommended if you are working on the field or just curious! open.spotify.com/show/0fMB9uUu

I saw play-through and I want so badly to have a game like that in the setting. I'm thinking specifically about Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines. A man can dream <3

Tried . Some levels were OK, sone were weird. I have the feeling not much balance was done in this game... In order to win sometimes was just about succeeding one particular dice challenge, if the roll is unlucky, the game is lost. 😔

Had a chance to play my new copy of ! It was so fun that my board group asked to play it again and again and again! Strongly recommended! 😁
(funny fact, I live in Berlin and I played that with German friends, but they were cool with the theme 😅😅😅)

Thinking about entering a gameboard design contest. I've always been orbiting around it and I think I just need to push it through and need some more motivation. Did anyone ever did it? Suggestions? :D

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