Played a round of Mansion Of Madness. I think that's the trickiest situation I have ever been xD

I've finally played Root for the first time. I've played the Woodland Folk (the mice) and managed to win 🙈
This game is so good (and cute!)

So I've finished the first campaign of . I've enjoyed the campaign part, that you bring on what you did from one episode and another. Also great turn of events! But I must say that the last mission was very confusing to understand rule wise. Too bad, I like the game a lot, looks like it missed one two more rounds of polish to take it on next level. Maybe I'll try to clean up the rules a bit, but the app is the biggest limitation

Been trying the "Landing" mission solo for First Martians. I'm not sure if it was because I was playing solo, but I failed miserably building 5 buildings out of 12 😂

Scythe will definitevely make an addition to my collection! So weird game as it feels like a war game but in reality is very Euro 😂

Yesertday I finally was able to have a boardgame night with some friends. Played Schythe (amazing), 7 wonders, Forbidden Island and Mansion of Madness Horrific Journeys.

What is the latest you backed on Kickstarter? I've realized that I'm buying more games there than on stores lately 😂

Have not beeb playing boardgames for a while. But I've been playing The Forest with my partner. Very fun bit creepy game! Like you want it to stop but you can't stop actually playing it.

Following a hint here in the board, I bought and tried Four against Darkness. I love it! I spent good evenings delving with my party. Will purchase some addons as well 😊

Played a couple of rounds of
A great "tower defence" game where the players as monsters need to defend the castle from hordes of angry villagers and heroes. Amazing!

Such is the destiny of a Legacy game. Its so weird to destroy cards and components but also its super fun!

Played a first game of . Needed some time to get the rules on the table, but in the end was a great game! I understand why it's so popular, can't wait to give it another try!

Played the first case of . We did really bad 😂
We will try another time case 1 before trying case 2.

But amazing game! Must buy!

TIL There’s a Tumblr dedicated to control panels. This one is “The Office Of The Future - New York World’s Fair, 1964”

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