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#covid19 health-unrelated stats #boardgames 

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Umfrage zu Musikgeschmack und Metal 

Canceled my trip to a regional con (which is officially still going to happen). Sad, but maybe itʼs a small contribution to 😷 Those cons have a pretty bad reputation for spreading the flu anyway.

Introduced AuZtralia (Martin Wallace, 2018) to my strategy gamer friends yesterday – aaaand, as expected, they hated it 🤣 We had fun and all were happy to have tried it but the last 1/3 of the game was merely bitching around about imbalances, luck factor, wonky combat etc. After the fact we still discussed strategies, so maybe it's not so stupid after all. I mean, I like it, but for folks who want 100% control over their fate (esp. in a 3h game) AuZtralia is not the best fit. 🇦🇺 🐙 🏜️

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Employer gives you a smartphone. Who pays for the protective case (if the employee feels better using one)?

Worst Apex Legends player ever. Challenge me! Sigh.

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Instagram artist royalty_now_ creates portraits of what historical figures would look like if they were alive today.


Played Patchwork first time non-digitally last night – after having the app installed for years on my phone. Besides the table space required for the initial circle of tiles it works very well, as expected. Classic.

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Es befasst sich jemand bei der Produktion von Lovecraft-Style Produkten mit dem Rassismus des Autors.
Seit ich von dieser Problematik weiß, scheint es mir als würde das Thema totgeschwiegen.

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ISOtopes - isometric sci-fi, cyberpunk, steampunk etc. #pixelart collab by the @pixeljoint community

Info about color palette, creation process and all participants:

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my gf wants to join mastodon but wants to join a cool fedi instance.

something that suits a queer goth.
boosts ok.

Another company Game Night (after a 13 months hiatus). Two pretty fun rounds of Greed (D. X. Vaccarino, 2014), the mobster-themed and slightly nsfw (the irony!) card drafting game. I just like it.

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Visited a couple of #boardgame stores in #Budapest (#GemKlub & #szellemlovas). But the surprise find is #BarCraft which has video & #boardgames you can play with while enjoying some interesting concoctions: such as funky Harley Quinn or potent Tattooine Tea.


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Question about different subcultures y'all are part of, boost+ 

Finally played Wildlands with the Interrupt rule (which I house-ruled away before for my kids). The game was fun before, but Interrupt really adds a lot of tension and surprising twists.

Happy Holidays, everybody! May they be as relaxed and fulfilling as possible. Enjoy your family, but also enjoy yourself – it's totally fine to celebrate alone or in a non-family context. Or online. Or not at all. 💓

Having a low-key moment with my "400+ songs of 2019 I still need to check out" playlist.

In good news: we finally have a date for our company's next game night. Early January! yay!

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