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Played πŸ‡ Viticulture Tuscany Essential Edition 🍷 yesterday. Liked: new board, turn-order change, buildings. Okay: special worker Politician, majority map. Meh: special worker Salesperson. The start was very slow, and I was "blocked" with many good but no great opportunities. Came in last. Sure, there's no reason going back to the basic map, but I was a little disappointed by the boring special workers and the slow start.

A Dinosaur Jr kinda morning 🎢 πŸ¦• β™₯

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#Tusky 5 beta 1 is live for all beta testers on Google Play!
Read the full changelog here:
Please report us all bugs so we can release a stable Tusky 5.0 for everybody soon!

@robert how old is this instance? 1st anniversary already happened?

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Nice that FFG improved the token situation in the upcoming starter sets. Plus the lower price (and nobody cared for the intro decks, right?) make this much more interesting for me.

Played Carson City - The Card Game on I know, it's not the real thing, but sheesh felt it dull. Puerto Rico TCG aka San Juan on the other hand is a lot of fun. And also relatively new on the platform.

Sunday game group: KeyForge, Solenia, Brass: Lancashire. Yes, yes, and yes! Three very good games, lots of fun! πŸ— β˜€ πŸš‚

Taught two new players Brass: Lancashire. A relaxed and, as usual, fantastic session. πŸš‚ πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

Over the weekend I played a bunch of newly avail. Penny Press on BoardGameArena: quick, interactive area control game with an original theme. Like it! Seems the cardboard version is OOP, sells for $100+ in various places.
Offline my son beat me in Wildlands again. I overdo it with risky moves sometimes... 😁

Many games of Qwixx and MammuZ with kids and (grand)parents over the last couple of days. Last game meetup of the year tomorrow.

Happy Holidays, folks! πŸŽ„ πŸ•―

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Looking for if any spouse's of a geek would would be willing to come on Noah's radio show to tell what it is like to live with a geek.
The show happens on Tuesday's 6pm CST or 12am GMT.

Interested hit me up.

On a scale from Monopoly to Food Chain Magnate my Christmas mood currently is like Snakes and Ladders.

Oldie but a goodie: Port Royal (all-in) with the little one.

As every December my Board Game Arena usage is going up. Currently playing Nippon ❀️

I played too few of 2018 to make one of those top 10 lists. Nine, to be precise.

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