Hero Realms night with my 7yo. We ended in a 1:1 draw and then table talked for probably an hour about CCG/TCGs. And now he's counting the weeks it takes until he can afford a KeyForge deck from his pocket money 😸

@robert that's what I tried to find out. Some kids at his school have Pokémon cards. They trade/exchange cards, but don't really play he game. He's interested but also finds it kind of dumb, compared to the games he knows from our household. He'd prefer a Star Wars or Ninjago themed card game, but I have a hard time figuring out if there are "good" ones for kids.

@fabian @robert My kids loved to play the "Catan Junior" boardgame at that age. They also liked playing with the Pokemon and YuGiOh cards, but they usually made up their own rules for playing with their friends.

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