As a 2-player game, for a couple (she's the gamer, he rather not too competitive), youʼd recommend: Azul or Patchwork or Targi or ________ ?

@fabian "welcome to..." maybe? Its not very competitive.

@fabian totally Jaipur, 7 Wonders Duel (+Pantheon expension), lots of 2 players deckbuilding card games (LoTR, Netrunner, Arkam Horror).
Azul is awesome but I didn't tried 2 players mode.

@fabian I may reconsider my LoTR recommendation, given that it is a very punishing game and you mentionned "non-competitive".

@fabian Morels or Agility from Two Lanterns Games are great couples games.

@MikeJ I haven’t been able to get my hands on Morels @fabian

I have both Azul and Patchwork and I think they're both great. In the long run my and my OH both prefer Patchwork, though. Azul can get quite repetitive for us. Patchwork is always good fun.

Our all times favourite 2 players boardgame is 7 Wonders Duel though.

@fabian Patchwork is great if you both can think visually/spatially. If not, it can be an exercise in frustration.

@fabian Of those listed, Patchwork is the least overtly stabby. Roll-and-write game /That's Pretty Clever/ should be internationally available now (or easily bootlegged); I thought it was pretty good for a light minimally competitive game.

I'll also give a +1 for Jaipur and Duel (plus the Pantheon expansion).

A deck builder for 2 I've gotten my wife into is Star Realms; it has a fantastic app if you're looking for something on the go ("pass and play" for a single phone, otherwise two people would need to buy the app). Star Realms Frontiers (physical copy) is also an option if you're looking for co-op (but I've never personally played).

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