It’s probably a cultural thing that I simply don’t get, but I have to say that I find the BoardGameGeek jerseys that their employees are obviously so happy to wear super [insert list of negative adjectives here]. For me they’d be a huge factor *not* to work for BGG, tbh. 🤨

@fabian I agree. I believe the entire brand is due for an overhaul.

@robert it's good that they finally made the new design the new default. In many places it's still a inconsistent mix of old style in a new frame, but better than before.

@fabian @robert is there any word on when it might be responsive?

@urbanfuzzy @robert no idea. And I would not rely on any estimate. I just hope, now that they have made the big switch, that incremental improvements will be more feasible for them and thus more frequent for us.

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