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Ugh, this book is sticky. Necronomicon, the card that got me the win in Lovecraft Letter. Is the game fun or stupid, or both?

Iron Curtain. Super short card-driven (think Twighlight Struggle; 13 Days) 2p area control game. Won by 1p. Mostly fine, a bit weird color choices, don't think I'd be interested in the long term.

Another first: Five Tribes (incl. expansion? Not sure.). I can absolutely see why this is getting so much praise. Simple and elegant core, crunchy, variable, and expandable.

First time Scythe with Wind Gambit and Invaders from Afar expansions. I'm getting better at it...

If you ever happen to be in Hamburg: museum ship “Rickmer Rickmers” has an escape room on board. (Havenʼt tried it.)

On the table yesterday: Paper Tales (good, not super impressive) and Carson City (great, but hard — for me — to play well).

Note to self: running out of cards in round three of ⚛️ 51st State is not wise. Had a VP engine running, but lacked resources and card variety in round 3 and 4 so that my initial huge lead melted away and I came in last in the end – with only 5 buildings.
Fun game nonetheless, even though my pals stated to prefer Imperial Settlers for its streamlined mechanisms and friendlier theme 🙄

Only 2 games of Port Royal ⛵ with my kids sneaked in this week. So nothing fancy to show off. Instead let me point you to another digital game (:android:): Dungeon Cards, a pixel graphics roguelike from an indie developer. Fun!

Just played Baseball Highlights 2045, the app, again. This game has been on my wishlist for years! But: no interest in my group + no German version (for family) + US import pretty expensive == 😔
Why is no German publisher picking this up? ⚾ 🤖

“No more loans for you, Sir!” — Nathan Mayer Rothschild, (Brass) Lancashire

Mini local game night. Lost 3 games in a row of the always-fun Port Royal ⛵ after winning the first very luckily. Also: DnD Inn-Fighting 🤜, a dice fest with more cleavage than viable strategies; but nice custom dice. 🎲

No experiments in our rare summer gaming sessions. Intense and tight game of La Granja w/ personal high scores 🐖🍇🍲

Welcome to Centerville (GMT). Yeah, probably too long — but also easy, a bit mean, point-saladʼy, with a pleasant city building/political theme. Works with beer and pretzels.

Online for 11 days now: 180 games currently being played, 1003 total. My online board game implementation of Martin Wallaceʼs P.I. on BGA!gamepa 😁 🕵️

Santa Maria and Azul at today's Pegasus game day. Both super dry and thinky. I feel I need to throw some dice at Cthulhu now...

My of the month April 2017:
- Scythe (finally on the table again; 8/10) 🤖
- Clans of Caledonia (same; 8/10) 🥃
- New Bedford (always fun for me, despite some flaws; 7/10) ⛵

My digital implementation of P.I. (Martin Wallace, Treefrog Games) is now in open beta on — join & play for free! 🕵

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