@robert @big_chip I was running Gentoo as a desktop for a couple of years. When other easier distros let me down, Gentoo's great docs helped me to get my system running. I feel, today the arch wiki has the role of being almost the canonical Linux documentation for the "end-user", whoever that is in the Linux context.

@robert @big_chip wow, you could've downloaded one mp3 album in that time! 😝 🐒 (OK, gentoo was later, but some years before...)

🐜 Micropolis (Bruno Cathala, 2018): A simple set collection game (most of these, a mix of those, this but not that etc.) about building your ant colony in 12 quick rounds. The artwork looks really good (the picture doesn't do it justice), while the miniatures are a little flimsy. There is some player interaction besides the tile drafting, which is nice, but my final verdict doesn't exceed a β€œpleasant”.

You are stealing my time! Make it "Zoob placement question" *at least*. Better: "Are foobared zoobs placed below zingies or above?"

I love it when in my BGG subscriptions a new item appears under "Forum: Game XY > Rules" and it is titled "Rules question". Folks!! 🀨

@robert absolutely. And most people (myself included) are merely good at it, at best. If someone is really good, you’ll notice. We got an introduction to Snowdonia yesterday β€” with only time to play the first couple of rounds β€”, and that guy’s rules overview was close to perfect, from what I can tell. He had some other strange opinions, however :D

Not sure what to think of Tom Vasel’s review of Brass: Birmingham. I appreciate the effort he put into explaining his point and it’s absolutely okay to not like a popular (and objectively great ;) game. But I still find his arguments regarding loans, the long-term strategy focus, and the card management not really correct. There must be something else that puts him off. (Also Roxley’s graphics desing/production is not β€œA+”.) πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

New to me at the con: Dice Settlers. I enjoyed it. The explanation made it more complex than it played in the end. We all followed diff. strategies and finished rather quickly. Not ground breaking, but also not as mediocre as some reviews I heard before made it sound. Hardcore gamers might want to pass on it, but I think the dice bag building and the light 4x feel can still impress people that are not oversaturated by the surge of new games, yet.

Disc World: Ankh-Morpok. Pretty fun with 3 random folks at the con. Just as I don't know their real identities, I also got all of my opponents hidden identities wrong. Still won πŸ˜‚ Having buildings on the board early (see yellow) sure doesn't hurt. Light-hearted game for those who don't mind some chaos and the quirky theme. Plays in less than a hour.

Solenia. Played the second time. A great family-weight game. Really enjoyed it.

First game of the con. Viroid – a β€œPandemic reverse”, save earth by killing humanity, by a very small publisher. An okay experience (for someone who isn't into co-ops that much) which, unfortunately, still looked like a prototype production-wise.

Happy πŸŽ‚ cake day, boardgames.social. Too tired to join or even organize our get together on BGA today. Gotta prepare for a trip to a local con tomorrow. Will try to photo-stream a bit. // πŸ’ @robert

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Happy 1st Birthday Boardgames.Social! I am a terrible planner (way more P than J if that means anything to you) so today’s gaming festivities will be as hoc. Happy gaming!

@rngesus_wept I know Concordia Venus adds some team play, right? But can't you also simply play by the traditional rules. In other words: if I get my hands on Venus do I still need Concordia Classic or not?

@robert that's what I tried to find out. Some kids at his school have PokΓ©mon cards. They trade/exchange cards, but don't really play he game. He's interested but also finds it kind of dumb, compared to the games he knows from our household. He'd prefer a Star Wars or Ninjago themed card game, but I have a hard time figuring out if there are "good" ones for kids.

Hero Realms night with my 7yo. We ended in a 1:1 draw and then table talked for probably an hour about CCG/TCGs. And now he's counting the weeks it takes until he can afford a KeyForge deck from his pocket money 😸

πŸš‚ Brass: Birmingham
(1st time, 4-player)

πŸ‘ Fantastic game, as its predecessor. Couldn’t tell my favorite yet.
πŸ‘ Variable board, random markets
πŸ‘ Scout action
πŸ‘ Streamlining of some rules
πŸ‘ Variable connection points on buildings.
πŸ‘ Beer
πŸ€” Beer transport rules
πŸ€” Weird production building costs/VP
πŸ€” Seemed a bit longer than Lancashire
πŸ€” Some connections "unnatural" long (mechanics over theme, I guess?)
🀨 Market bonuses
🀨 Location pronunciation πŸ’‚ πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

🏁 90/πŸ’―

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