The one problem I have with 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Clans of Caledonia. If you want to win, it’s all about fulfilling contracts. I understand, the crux is how to do as many as possible, and the clans support many different ways; but still, in my 25-ish games in the vast majority of cases the winner was at least tied regarding the amount of contracts fulfilled. What I want from a future expansion: make it so I can win even with 2 (or more) contracts behind.

The implementation of Clans of Caledonia on BoardGameArena ist very well done. Highly recommended, great game!

Am I burned out of No Man’s Sky already? Is the story worth pursuing? I watched streamers that are much(?) farther than me, but the gameplay doesn’t seem to evolve. Should I try multiplayer mode?

@kcorac nice to see you here. Hope you find what you're looking for. It's more "bring your own content" because the community is still rather small. But the ratio of higher quality discussions is quite good. And the freedom, of course.

@urbanfuzzy @robert no idea. And I would not rely on any estimate. I just hope, now that they have made the big switch, that incremental improvements will be more feasible for them and thus more frequent for us.

@robert it's good that they finally made the new design the new default. In many places it's still a inconsistent mix of old style in a new frame, but better than before.

@PorcusDivinus am ehesten vllt noch U-Bahn, weil die Netze da sehr unabhängig sind. Aber wenn ich da Berlin angucke, müsste da sicher sehr viel investiert werden, allein schon Türen an den Bahnsteigen und so. wie gesagt: nicht in den nächsten 20 Jahren.

@PorcusDivinus habe auch kein Insider-Wissen. Generell glaube ich (bzw. einige KI-Experten aus dem Umfeld bestätigen dies), ist KI und autonomes Fahren derzeit ziemlich überhypt. Andererseits: *wenn*, dann wäre Bahn vermutlich Vorreiter – aber wo es sich finanziell lohnen würde (kleine Regio-Strecken), da fehlt die techn. Infra.; wo es techn. mögl. wäre (ICE), da sehe ich finanziellen Vorteil kaum. Sicherheit+Vertrauen in Personen ist groß. Kurz: ich blicke diesbzgl. konservativ i.d. Zukunft.

@PorcusDivinus Meinste wirklich, das schreckt viele ab? Ich meine, Bahn ist noch am ehesten automatisierbar, aber andererseits ist im vollen Zug der Zugführer ein ziemlich kleiner Kostenfaktor – vgl. mit Taxi oder Nahverkehr. Ich glaube, dass die noch *sehr* lange höchstens semi-automatisiert fahren werden. Sehe kaum Jobgefahr für die nächsten 20J. Aber vllt bin ich zu technophob ;)

It’s probably a cultural thing that I simply don’t get, but I have to say that I find the BoardGameGeek jerseys that their employees are obviously so happy to wear super [insert list of negative adjectives here]. For me they’d be a huge factor *not* to work for BGG, tbh. 🤨

@chrisparsons I do. If two communities don't overlap a lot, I think it's beneficial.

gross, burp 

Sunday :
• Century: Eastern Wonders. More interesting than Spice Road. Well interactive. Lost due to early mistakes.
• Deus. Classic now. Very confrontational. Close finish. 2nd.
• KeyForge. Way too long. Took almost 2h for us two newbies. Lost 0:3 forged key.

Fun day. Baaad performance 😖

Looking forward to try the new KeyForge base set with my son. Gonna be hard,let's see where/if I can dumb it down a little, but we both are really into the art and theme.

@robert have only glanced at this year's E3, know mostly about it from last year. What intrigues you? Just the theme? Anything innovative? (I personally missed news about space opera Beyond Good & Evil 2.)

In land I'm still missing one win to complete the "Legendary Hunt" challenges. Came in 2nd like four times over the weekend 🙄

Tonight I dreamed that BoardGameGeek finally fully switched to a new design. Funnily not the one they have on a couple of pages already, but a completely new one. I don't remember if I liked it or not, but I think as was glad that the old one was gone for good.
IRL I like the new one as-is, just wish it was snappier – and on 100% of the pages.

🚂 My First Ticket to Ride: had trouble (again) giving my son a win. He's playing good, and I don't even try hard, but it seems that efficient route building is something my adult mind just does automatically. At least we tied – which happens a lot in this game if you give each player the same amount of turns.

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