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I almost never completely break with favorite bands or music of past me. Usually I still like them a bit, forget them, accept them for what they meant to me; or even get more tolerant, e.g. towards stuff I hated in my teens. One recent exception: a band I've liked, seen live, but really can barely stand anymore today (insta-skip): The National. Weird.

Two favorite songs from last karaoke 🎤 session: Sinatra – New York, New York & Tame Impala — Feels Like We Only Go Backwards. I can only do very deep or very high. In-between my voice breaks. 😝

(totally not spamming follow requests from multiple accounts — feel free to pick and/or ignore :)

Is there a PeerTube instance focussed on video- and/or boardgaming? Thinking about saving some of my Twitch "highlights" for the future.

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#BottosCon Day 2, Game 3: _Wir Sind Das Volk 2+2_ the game I've been most eager to bring to the table. High tension in the waning days of the 1980s as nuclear tensions threatened to tip over the brink into the final war.

In the end, we had an East Germany who never built in wall and survived into the modern era with a functional socialist economy, breaking free of the Soviet leash, while the USA turned its ambitions toward space. A hopeful alternate history.

#boardgame #strategy

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📺 Now live: Part 2 of my 🎮 Thimbleweed Park . Audio: eng w/ ger subs. A weird murder mystery crime adventure, with me clicking around cluelessly:

Two quick rounds of ⚔ Wildlands fun with my son. Final score: 1 - 1. Rematch scheduled for today.

The one problem I have with 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Clans of Caledonia. If you want to win, it’s all about fulfilling contracts. I understand, the crux is how to do as many as possible, and the clans support many different ways; but still, in my 25-ish games in the vast majority of cases the winner was at least tied regarding the amount of contracts fulfilled. What I want from a future expansion: make it so I can win even with 2 (or more) contracts behind.

The implementation of Clans of Caledonia on BoardGameArena ist very well done. Highly recommended, great game!

Am I burned out of No Man’s Sky already? Is the story worth pursuing? I watched streamers that are much(?) farther than me, but the gameplay doesn’t seem to evolve. Should I try multiplayer mode?

It’s probably a cultural thing that I simply don’t get, but I have to say that I find the BoardGameGeek jerseys that their employees are obviously so happy to wear super [insert list of negative adjectives here]. For me they’d be a huge factor *not* to work for BGG, tbh. 🤨

Sunday :
• Century: Eastern Wonders. More interesting than Spice Road. Well interactive. Lost due to early mistakes.
• Deus. Classic now. Very confrontational. Close finish. 2nd.
• KeyForge. Way too long. Took almost 2h for us two newbies. Lost 0:3 forged key.

Fun day. Baaad performance 😖

Looking forward to try the new KeyForge base set with my son. Gonna be hard,let's see where/if I can dumb it down a little, but we both are really into the art and theme.

In land I'm still missing one win to complete the "Legendary Hunt" challenges. Came in 2nd like four times over the weekend 🙄

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