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Another company Game Night (after a 13 months hiatus). Two pretty fun rounds of Greed (D. X. Vaccarino, 2014), the mobster-themed and slightly nsfw (the irony!) card drafting game. I just like it.

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Visited a couple of #boardgame stores in #Budapest (#GemKlub & #szellemlovas). But the surprise find is #BarCraft which has video & #boardgames you can play with while enjoying some interesting concoctions: such as funky Harley Quinn or potent Tattooine Tea.


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Question about different subcultures y'all are part of, boost+ 

Each subculture seems to recognise something Important about people.

Furries understand that humans are animals, we all like to be fed and cozy and warm and, for many of us, snuggly.

Queer spaces carry an implicit understand that difference is not something to be simply tolerated, or even accepted, but something to actively help others realise.

Kink culture IS consent culture.

What else is there in other subcultures you're all in?

Finally played Wildlands with the Interrupt rule (which I house-ruled away before for my kids). The game was fun before, but Interrupt really adds a lot of tension and surprising twists.

Happy Holidays, everybody! May they be as relaxed and fulfilling as possible. Enjoy your family, but also enjoy yourself – it's totally fine to celebrate alone or in a non-family context. Or online. Or not at all. 💓

Having a low-key moment with my "400+ songs of 2019 I still need to check out" playlist.

In good news: we finally have a date for our company's next game night. Early January! yay!

Failing to run Golf with your Friends on – help, anyone? or w/ onboard GPU

My biweekly gaming group has been cancelled. Too few participants in the last months. Not sure if it will continue next year. 😔

I think I never spoke to more than 500 people at the same time before.

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A week ago my usual 1-viewer-stream was raided by some Twitch celeb with 2500 viewers. That was … interesting. 😅 Suddenly I have a tiny community over there.

Celebrated 25 years of (The Settlers of) Catan yesterday by introducing the original version to my kids. Aaaaand I got crushed, basically by both of them. :D

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OK folks, time for an essential #poll.

“With a rested/relaxed face (and without a mirror, obviously), I can see…”

I almost never completely break with favorite bands or music of past me. Usually I still like them a bit, forget them, accept them for what they meant to me; or even get more tolerant, e.g. towards stuff I hated in my teens. One recent exception: a band I've liked, seen live, but really can barely stand anymore today (insta-skip): The National. Weird.

Two favorite songs from last karaoke 🎤 session: Sinatra – New York, New York & Tame Impala — Feels Like We Only Go Backwards. I can only do very deep or very high. In-between my voice breaks. 😝

(totally not spamming follow requests from multiple accounts — feel free to pick and/or ignore :)

Is there a PeerTube instance focussed on video- and/or boardgaming? Thinking about saving some of my Twitch "highlights" for the future.

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#BottosCon Day 2, Game 3: _Wir Sind Das Volk 2+2_ the game I've been most eager to bring to the table. High tension in the waning days of the 1980s as nuclear tensions threatened to tip over the brink into the final war.

In the end, we had an East Germany who never built in wall and survived into the modern era with a functional socialist economy, breaking free of the Soviet leash, while the USA turned its ambitions toward space. A hopeful alternate history.

#boardgame #strategy

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