I’m Hannah and I work as a reference librarian in a public library. I like to write - and I’m very good, trust me - and I like to play games. Right now I’m running a game in a home brew world that I’m super excited about.

Also I am super bad at talking about myself???


@hannahwritegood Hello! Welcome to Mastodon! :D Library work is amazing, I always wanted to be a librarian as a kid.

@Casuallynoted thank you! I love my work - being a librarian is something that means a lot to me so I’m grateful to be able to do it! I always recommend it Lolololol. Thanks for the welcome!

Howdy @hannahwritegood and welcome! What do you like to write about, where can we read some?

@bignose thank you! I’m still a very shy baby writer right now - My work’s been in a few little lit mags, and I’ve had a couple pieces in different places, including a recent piece about dnd and social anxiety! Here’s a brief portfolio:

I like to write humor a lot, and also I’d love try my hand at an epic space opera one day

@hannahwritegood Hi Hannah, welcome! I'd love to hear about your homebrew world once you get settled in :)

@rimraf Thank you for the welcome! I’m really excited about the world! It’s mostly structure right now - just the basics, plus campaign-plot specific places etc. I’m trying to make it super collaborative with my players, which I’ve lived so far, they’re really coming up with some great ideas.

I’m making a wiki for it on obsidian portal for my game - which I’m having WAY too much fun with, ha ha

@hannahwritegood I'm in the same boat re: #dnd and a home-brewed world. I am interested in hearing more about what you're doing. I may shamelessly steal ideas. :)

@lafe oh I am ALWAYS up for talking about dnd! My idea was based off a clash between two beings (one of which is our party’s warlock’s patron I created for him) - one won and the other was banished, torn apart into eight pieces. The main quest is for the party to gather the orbs and decide whether to destroy them. I’ve got a lot of lore in the world though (one player decided his hometown had sky krakens???)

I’d love to hear about what you’re doing too!

@hannahwritegood Sky Krakens? 😂

My current #dnd campaign has mild similarities! The party is guarding/guiding/helping a re-incarnated goddess of magic.

Their power was taken to power a spell long ago, and three seeds of new power were hidden around the world to re-grow in time.

That time is now, so they are working on retrieving those seeds of power to help the goddess re-ascend. Various other semi-deities want those seeds of power too, of course.

@lafe @hannahwritegood I've run a #dnd game where there was a newborn god of death (and, indirectly, life) who was incarnated to succeed the current goddess. So the party found him among his experiments with creating life and were basically left to chaperone a being with god-level powers but with a five-year-old''s understanding of death.

@hannahwritegood I enjoyed your essay titled "A Guide for Very Professional Men." I expect to refer to it constantly if I ever become Christian.

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