I just got asked how to do division. And I know I work for a school district and all, but I work in the central office. This was a colleague, not a 3rd grader. Massachusetts, your tax dollars are in good hands.

Using all my spell slots today on answering coworker's dumb questions. Fireball would be easier.

Update: My Linux drive is recognized as bootable, but the Windows drive isn't. Even my hardware is rebelling against closed source. I guess the gods or arcane tech problems.have spoken.

Every time I put together a computer, I fastidiously avoid all the stupid mistakes I've made in the past so I can learn about a whole new way I've fucked it up instead.

Jury is still out on whether my drooling is due to not being able to feel my mouth from the novocaine, or the new graphics card I got myself as a reward for surviving the dentist.

My new cubicle neighbor has a signed picture of the USS Constitution on his desk. The sailing ship. Who signed that? Cause I kinda doubt it was the ship.

Reading JRR Tolkein's translation of Beowulf is fascinating. Not just for the text itself, but for all the supporting material Christopher Tolkein included. Is some of it terribly dry? Sure. But reading through the man's lecture notes feels like sitting in on one of his college courses and getting a glimpse of the mind that created LotR. It's a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Does anyone have a good recommendation for a group video chat platform?

Discord and Skype have both become privacy problems, but I don't know a good alternative. Totally happy to self host if there's a good option for it.

One thing I did not expect playing Spirit Island with 3 people instead of just 2 is how much closer to the other Spirits you start. It's so much easier to team up powers with other players since the island arrangement starts with you closer together. I'm a big fan.

Feel free to use this example if someone asks you to explain the difference between Rules As Written and Rules As Interpreted.

My watch told me to get up and move to raise my step count. So I did a lap around the office. On the way I discovered someone has left a box of powdered donuts in the kitchen. I may not have fully grasped the purpose of this exercise.

Starting an Esper Genesis campaign based on The Expanse next week. Making a character for a not-high-fantasy world is surprisingly different. Or maybe it's just because I don't know the system as well. But I'm more interested in personal story than I am in cool mechanics.

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