My house is for sale at the moment. I work from the front office looking out of the driveway.
Several times I day I lock eyes with strangers as they make drive-by judgements of my property.

Just tried to explain the political state of Bejor at the the start of DS9.

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Fighting my demons by doing electrical work around the house.

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I know it doesn't make much sense to share this on Mastodon but i believe it could be useful to re-share this Ted Talk about how the tech giants are disrupting democracy in chatting apps with family and friends. Let's spread the truth outside the Mastodon bubble too:

#privacy #TedTalk #brexit #Facebook #deletefacebook

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Next year, we'll celebrate the 10th anniversary of LibreOffice – and our annual conference could be in your city! Help our community to organise it, and make a proposal:

Have you got any games or genres you want to love but that just don't click with you?

Mine is Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective.

I love the concept but my first game was just a massive failure. I can see for someone with a differently wired brain it would be great.

@Gina I've seen that before, someone kept all of their personal email in there (on their work email account)

Need to get them to agree in advance to what is going to happen. "On Friday I will be migrating data from X,Y,Z , please make sure that you have any data you which to retain in those folders"

Come Monday they will of course have not done that, and you will be the one to blame.

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I discovered Mastodon a few days ago and this is my first Toot!

I'm an IT SysAdmin by day, aspiring tabletop game designer by night.

My life has always had a background of game play. I love their ability to immerse the players in situations, scenarios and feelings like no other medium.

I'm currently working on two tabletop games:
-An Ant based worker placement colony builder.
-Co-Op boss battler inspired by MMORPG raid bosses.

Special thanks to @robert for hosting.

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