We aggregated the top games lists from 20 different board game reviewers to bring you THE ULTIMATE TOP 100 board games list.

Including The Dice Tower, Man vs Meeple, Shut Up & Sit Down, Heavy Cardboard, 3 Minute Board games, Tantrum House, No Pun Included, Slickerdrips, and The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast


Interested in Japanese board games? The awesome Rand Lemley breaks down 10 games that he thinks are worth seeking out.


I wrote a review for Newton. The game arrived with some hype last year and sort of fell off people’s radar shortly after its release. It’s a solid board game though, and I recommend giving it a play.

Check out my review: boardgamesquad.com/newton/

“Newton Review: Have Books, Will Travel”

I put together a little table, detailing the relationship between everyone’s favorite Italian board game designers:

Simone Luciani, Daniele Tascini, Virginio Gigli, and Flaminia Brascini


I wrote a review about the latest edition of High Society.


I love auction games and the art in the latest edition is absolutely stunning.

I haven't touched Mastodon in a long time. When I saw that there was a board game instance, I had to jump in!

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