Wow. Protospiel Online is being administrated with a great deal of cleverness. This is really a polished online event.

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I'm in the process of making a really nice website for my canoes game, "Ruhana". In the meantime, I've made it available for purchase as print-on-demand here:

I fondly remember the board game I made out of real working gears.

Table Top Simulator is half off on Steam! $10! Let me know if you get it and we can playtest my new games. Here's one.

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Penguicon Family,

We bring bittersweet news today. As you know, we have diligently kept our eyes on the situation surrounding COVID-19 in order to determine what we should do about Penguicon this year.

It is with sadness, but also hope, that I am able to announce that the Westin has offered to move our contract to April 2021. This means that Penguicon 2020 has officially been cancelled.

Who's going to GenCon and wants to split costs on a hotel room? I have one fourteen miles away in Carmel, but I'm willing to cancel it if you already have one.

"Don't mind me, I made some errata," he said

And websites of FAQs danced in my head.

"My recharge pack fixed all my typos with care

But check out my website before you get there."

"On, meeples! On, gameboards! On, dice, and on, secrets!

"On, cubes, tiles, and stickers! I rhyme with no ree-grets!"

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Twas six hours before Charterstone, and all through the Arnolds

Not a creature could rhyme "Arnold", so poems are nulled.

Components are nestled in their tuckboxes with care

In hopes that the recharge pack soon would be there.

When inside the box there arose such a clatter

I opened the box to see what was the matter.

When what to my wondering eyes should be called

But Jamey Stegmaier, three inches tall.

One year ago today, I played my #boardgame "Overworld" with Amy and Kevin, and we were photobombed by Dana.

Who here has Table Top Simulator on Steam? Do you like it?

Two years ago I finally bought Unearth, after having greatly enjoyed playing it several times. It still hits the table these days.

with had to pull up stakes, but here we are, still living in The D, still creating side by side, still living together, just in a different form.

More soon. I look forward to your questions in the comments.


N E M O    T.    R A T H W A L D

--------- end ---------

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Facebook ads are going to be the core of our business. I think it's just going to solve a short term problem of cash flow. The core of our business, in my opinion, is you, our Kickstarter backers. As important as Ian, Trish, Michael, and Katie are to me, you are important to me. Without your belief in us, there would not be a future for the organization, but you have shown me that there definitely is. We will just take a slightly different form. Just like the artists and technologists I live

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ups of gameplay and facial reactions. That's what captures attention as people are scrolling by on Facebook. I'm going to try A/B testing to see which videos work best, and which keywords to target.

You probably want to know if that means we are no longer focusing on you. No, we just need to do that long enough to clear out inventory where we're paying a lot for ads, then go back to focus on Kickstarter campaigns. And then we will have a better idea of how much money to raise. So I don't think

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with the house are mostly cosmetic. And frankly kind of charming, if you like The Addams Family.

Anyway, enough about my personal life. What was I saying. We're mounting the soundproofing back up to recreate the podcasting studio in The Creators Commons 2.0. Part of that is setting it up as a video studio too. So, my roommate and I are going to make lots of short videos of Magic Meeple board games, full of quick-cuts for short attention spans, using a lot of saturated color, and a lot of close-

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it the Haunted Mansion because our new home was not fit for human habitation a month ago. You have no idea how big a construction project this was for me over the spring and summer (especially in the middle of changing jobs). I finished the deliverables for Incoming Transmission and I dove right in to moving all of us to this house, for months. It still has cracked plaster and exposed lath and peeling paint all over the interior, but that just gives it "artist colony cred", LOL. The problems

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possible. It's called The Creators Commons. It's kind of like the nonprofit hacker space that I help to run, i3Detroit, where I laser cut my games (except nobody lives in my hacker space). We just got done moving all of us into a huge new house near Detroit's midtown, Creators Commons 2.0. It's big enough to build my giant parade puppets, my podcast, large-format printing of game boards, and M&M candies with the Linux penguin stamped on them, and all the other weird stuff we do. I lovingly call

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