I have a plan for GaiaVora in which we will be done with all the deliverable PDF assets before the Kickstarter begins. That way, we can begin manufacturing, the moment the KS ends, if all goes as planned.

I'm laying out GaiaVora's base game instructions as a quad-fold sheet, instead of a stapled booklet. The box will be about 11.5" square, so each fold of the quad-fold format will be larger than letter-sized, leaving plenty of room. Then I will give each micro-expansion a 2-sided rule sheet, like in "Cities Of Splendor".

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That way, when we find out how many stretch goals GaiaVora reaches, I don't need to repaginate a booklet. I can just omit some rule sheets from the product, which takes no time at all.

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I have also decided that never again will I create a "How To Play Your First Game" video in which the first thirty seconds of the five-minute video shows you which components are expansion content to return to the box. One hundred percent of non-base-game content will be in a second box for expansion modules. Dump out the base game box on the table, and just get started on your first game.

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Giving each expansion module its own double-sided rule sheet also dovetails perfectly with that packaging approach. Originally I was going to create two finished versions of the rulebook; one with no stretch goals, and another with all of them, in the hopes of doing as little repagination as possible at the end of the KS. No need. At this rate I might have time to draw completely separate additional illustrations of the same things on different components. I want to put in easter eggs.

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