What would happen to the players' strategic decisions in Settlers Of Catan, if they played with a house rule that they are not allowed to spend cards which they received through production-- only cards they received in trade?

@nemorathwald I suspect it would be easy to completely lock out players. If no one trades with a particular player that player would have no way of winning.
Also players that did have an abundance of a resource would have to trade it away and then back to be able to spend it.

@nemorathwald the friend group I used to play Settlers with developed all sorts of interpersonal conflict around who would trade with who and when they'd trade. It got very contentious. Tons of kingmaking would happen at the end of the game just to block people from winning. I eventually had to just stop playing cold turkey to keep the friendships!

I think if you switched to only trading it'd ratchet that up.

@csalzman @nemorathwald this is the kind of thing that happens when we play risk. Certain groups of players gang up on someone and such. Its just not much fun sometimes.

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