Two years ago I finally bought Unearth, after having greatly enjoyed playing it several times. It still hits the table these days.

In this photo, on the left, Ron Swanson is looking over the copious feedback notes, which his favorite science fiction author provided for his board game design. On the right, Ron Swanson receives a specific day upon which to set up a phone call about it.

6 years, 14 re-writes, & 2 name changes later, the weather discs, bag, score tokens, & island tiles are gone from the game you see here. Publishers were only interested in the game equipment which I tacked on to add a nature theme. So I wrote a new, unrelated set of rules, from scratch.

Perhaps it could be said that 6 years of work resulted in GaiaVora, but I have only been working on GaiaVora for a year.

My friend Michelle yesterday gave me "Fallen City Of Karez", new in shrinkwrap, which she got at a thrift store on a lark, for a few dollars. She figured I would like to reuse the fancy components for something.

Most of the reviews on BGG refer to this $90+ game as "The Much-Maligned Kickstarter Nightmare".

I really wanted there to be monster meeples in my game Overworld. But making a new shape of meeple is too expensive.

Then a good friend pointed out that technically, Overworld already comes with monster meeples. Look at the creature in this image. If you look at it the right way, and figure out what else it is, you win the puzzle! (Hint- It helps to know what comes with Overworld.)

The exclusive Custom Faction Cards have arrived to my publisher! Next they will start sorting and mailing them to our premium-level backers. (They're all one-of-a-kind and look amazing!)

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