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Studio Executive: Hey, we own the rights to all these comic books. What's this one? "Spider-Ham"? JERRY! What did you do?

Jerry: What? You said to buy comic book intellectual properties!

Studio Executive: This comic book exists as a joke! Can we actually make this?


"Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse" has Spider-Ham in it. Wrap it up. We're done.

I really wanted there to be monster meeples in my game Overworld. But making a new shape of meeple is too expensive.

Then a good friend pointed out that technically, Overworld already comes with monster meeples. Look at the creature in this image. If you look at it the right way, and figure out what else it is, you win the puzzle! (Hint- It helps to know what comes with Overworld.)

Have you tried looking in the cupboards over your refrigerator?

This is not a message that I intended to send to someone else. I just thought I'd ask everyone, in case it was relevant to some of you.

Shown in this photo is the only copy in North America of my board game "Overworld". I use it to illustrate the progress of the rest of the print run in its voyage to North America.

Yesterday's episode of The Daily Detroit Podcast is an interview with me! :) It's 24 minutes, 52 seconds long; we discuss crowdfunding and the game design scene in Southeast Michigan.

The exclusive Custom Faction Cards have arrived to my publisher! Next they will start sorting and mailing them to our premium-level backers. (They're all one-of-a-kind and look amazing!)

I have received the first copy of my first published board game, "Overworld"! I am excited to announce that the print run is expected to begin its voyage across the Pacific on October 17.

I made a website for my upcoming game "Gaia-Vora". Please enjoy the animated GIF of the rotating prototype board. This page contains the complete current rule set. I will demo it at:

The Loaded Die Con - Corktown, MI, October 13 and 14, 2018.
U-Con Board Game Convention - Ypsilanti, MI, November 9 through 11, 2018.

Once again, I need to rename my carnivores/herbivores/plants game, "Terracosm". When I selected that name in 2015, a Google search resulted in nothing. But now there's a mobile app game of the same name.

I originally titled it "Habitat" in 2012, and then discovered a new game titled "Habitat" in 2014. So I resolved to stop naming games out of the dictionary.

Apparently, even that was not enough. I think my games must be named with at least one numeric digit and one punctuation mark.

Can you tell which logo is the Helvetica original, and which is remade in Arial? My score was 20 correct out of 20.

Certainly the most creative take I have seen so far.

"Say a prayer for John McCain
Who passes from his earthly pain
His eyes are shut upon his brow
He warmongers to angels now


Reader, should your weather be
Meteors falling lazily
Or if your neighborhood should seem
A John of Patmos fever dream

Then say a prayer for John McCain
Now passed beyond all earthly pain
Not death, with all the peace it brings
Could end his love of bombing things"

Read more:

New innovations in online : We can now play chess using Mastodon. See for more details. Thanks to @switchingsocial for mentioning this.

'Traditional methods for protecting community from the effects of scale and poor behavior are now manifestly unfeasible. Raising barriers to entry, relying on the assumption that users will maintain only one registered account, and placing faith in the ability of admins and user moderation to reproduce a forum's organic culture are all easily circumvented, gamed, and/or ineffective when faced with the problems of scale."

Here's an experiment I'm doing with isometric graphics. Next I think I'll add some characters walking around on it.

Bookface is the equivalent of a social calendar secretary. That's the only functionality I need from it.

I need a service with which to invite those of you on my Mastodon network to a party or convention, and manage the RSVP list. And to coordinate when my collaborators will meet to work on our projects and organizations. It needs to combine the day/time voting of with

I thought perhaps would do it, but no.

So I'm going to make it.

I fell over from the belly laughs. Even if you don't watch the talk, at least read the abstract.

Q: Why Do Keynote Speakers Keep Suggesting That Improving Security Is Possible?
A: Because Keynote Speakers Make Bad Life Decisions and Are Poor Role Models
by James Mickens

@Mrsmagicmeeple Welcome! Hey, I heard you have a board game publishing company. :)

Today I deleted my account on Birdsite. All I was doing with it was auto-crossposting from here, anyway.

Want to find your Twitter friends on Mastodon?

There's an easy-to-use tool that does just that:

Please spread the word, it may make new users feel more welcome on here 👍

(via @renatolond )

#DeleteTwitter #Mastodon #Twitter

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