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Back by popular demand from backers-- now with an optional companion app. If you backed the successful Early Bird campaign for this game, you do not need to do anything-- you will automatically get all the upgrades created by this Second Chance Kickstarter campaign. But you may pledge more to this campaign, in order to help hit all these additional stretch goals!

Every time I rate a game on Boardgamegeek a certain number of stars, it pops up a message saying what I think the game "is". Good, bad, mediocre. But each rating is a statement about me. Enjoying is something I do.

I'm interested in what a game "does" more than what it "is". It might do that very well, with no design flaws. I admire that, but it might not be what I am enjoying.

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Boardgamegeek probably came to the realization that it needed to learn about the player. If you enjoy social deduction, but you don't enjoy it if you have to do division arithmetic, then the status of Stone Age as a popular masterpiece does not help you. The system needs to recommend Werewolf.

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Boardgamegeek just re-launched its recommendation system. They deactivated it years ago because it just recommended the same games to everybody. Most people like things that they have heard about. And they heard about it through the recommendation system.

6 years, 14 re-writes, & 2 name changes later, the weather discs, bag, score tokens, & island tiles are gone from the game you see here. Publishers were only interested in the game equipment which I tacked on to add a nature theme. So I wrote a new, unrelated set of rules, from scratch.

Perhaps it could be said that 6 years of work resulted in GaiaVora, but I have only been working on GaiaVora for a year.

I thought my favorite author's series of novels was too dense and intricate to turn into a card game. It turns out I can express a lot with fifty-two cards in a tuckbox with a tiny instruction sheet.

If it's a cooperative game, finding out what the cards say is just part of exploring the story through gameplay. Therefore, it does not require spending a long time learning the rules. If the cards betray the players to serve the agendas of the cards, that's all part of the suspense.

I had a great conversation today with a guest of honor at ConFusion science fiction convention, about possibly licensing my favorite book series as a board game! It turns out she already had some ideas and preferences. :)

I added my interpretation of "Let's Get This Over With" to the They Might Be Giants wiki. The Under-Appreciated Caterer. Do you agree?

I have been a fan of Aaron Diaz and his comic Dresden Codak for many years. I am proud to fund his Patreon.

I have added a simple discussion forum to my fan site about "To Arms!!" No registration required.

@robert Idea: A Mastodon emoji in the shape of the choose-your-own-adventure symbol from Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

I made a fan compendium for "To Arms!!" But I think the security settings are not working quite right. Let me know if your browser freaks out with warning messages.

Good news and bad news! I have my very first report of an excited backer receiving an email from Amazon with tracking information for "Overworld"! This means my 2017 Kickstarter has officially taken until 2019 to deliver.

I am working relentlessly on the illustrations and rulebook for my 2019 board game launch. I am completing two versions of the rulebook: One with all the stretch goals, and one with none of them. My goal is to approve it for manufacturing the day after the Kickstarter ends.

"To Arms!!" is a solitaire casual deck-builder, designed to fit Android mobile device screens. After a long hiatus, there's an update with new content! It's available for free on Google Play.

Twenty board spaces, ten decks of cards, nine plastic crystals, seven cardboard sheilds, six cardboard tokens, FIIIIIIIIVE KIIIIINDS OF DIIIIIIIICE, four wooden cubes, three cardboard discs, two meeple types, and a partridge in a pear tree!

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The components are beautiful, but intimidating in pure quantity. The rulebook is, to put it mildly, confusing. The designer shipped it with game imbalances and unanswered questions, and angrily told the backers to "figure it out".

The box says it's a two hour game, to which I say, "ha ha ha, it is to laugh".

Now I kind of want to design a game to play with half of these components, and completely ignore the actual rules, and just publish the new rules electronically.

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My friend Michelle yesterday gave me "Fallen City Of Karez", new in shrinkwrap, which she got at a thrift store on a lark, for a few dollars. She figured I would like to reuse the fancy components for something.

Most of the reviews on BGG refer to this $90+ game as "The Much-Maligned Kickstarter Nightmare".

Once again, I applied to work for a board game manufacturer. I was declined, not for the first time, and possibly not for the last.

I have now hired someone to give me advice on my resume, cover letter, questionnaire answers, and video essay. That collaboration has been fruitful.

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