My DM had the horrible plan to bring up that he gets notifications about the Minnesota Twins now (not a locale he’s ever been to, not a sport he cares about) after googling something. I’m going to lean way too far into what will become a dead horse joke just to say a character sits beneath the Mendoza line and should be benched.

Played fake artist goes to New York tonight with a pile of people. I’m impressed that no one drew a dick, or even close to one. Maybe even disappointed.

Anyone have recommendations for cool things dinosaurs could do in a child-focused RPG for level up abilities? I’ve been mostly playing with ideas of augmenting simple attacks (tripping with the tail rather than just whacking, making a bite poisonous, etc) I don’t want to get too crazy until maybe later on, but haven’t come up with many simple but fun ideas for earlier levels.

Still wandering around and figuring out what’s what, but now’s as good a time as any for my I suppose. Late 20s, life long RPGer, moved into board games at large around 2014. I’ve got an OK collection and lack a lot of experience. I really enjoy coming up with themes and corresponding mechanics for games. Beyond that, hobbyist Linux, (bad) musician, craft beer, and sports fan. He/him. Happy to be here and hope to get involved. Intros are weird.

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