Still wandering around and figuring out what’s what, but now’s as good a time as any for my I suppose. Late 20s, life long RPGer, moved into board games at large around 2014. I’ve got an OK collection and lack a lot of experience. I really enjoy coming up with themes and corresponding mechanics for games. Beyond that, hobbyist Linux, (bad) musician, craft beer, and sports fan. He/him. Happy to be here and hope to get involved. Intros are weird.

@ntrl20 boardgames, linux, craft beer and music? You will fit right in.

"Linux (bad)" mood

what are your sports teams? i'm a detroit red wings/detroit lions/columbus crew fan and i've adopted the western bulldogs in australian football

@ebeth for US leagues, Stars FC Dallas, Texas Rangers. I have yet to delve into aussie rules, I watched a chunk of a game once somewhere and .. it was definitely a sport.

haha i was just gonna ask what your take on that whole mess is being presumably from texas

australian football is so much fun! i just got into it this year after making friends with a bunch of australians and it's wild

@ebeth yeah. I’m pro crew on that, Austin getting an MLS team before San Antonio is a bit heartbreaking in its own right, let alone all the crap with Columbus.

MLS expansion has been such a clusterfuck in general, like i haven't seen any real consistency to it

i'm glad cincy got a spot (hell is real!) and i think they deserved one but i can't help but wonder if they would have made that choice if columbus had been solid

@ebeth mls expansion is weird. I’m really curious how and why they decided to just explode in expansion. I wanna say since Orlando came into the league there’s been a new team each year, and will be for the next few years to follow. Excited for the league to grow, but there’s other things I wish they’d look at first.

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