Today's Wumo has made me feel a bit guilty

Good morning, and to all.

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Horrible pun 

Good evening, and happy Beer and Pizza Wednesday.

After several days of excessive heat, we have rain. Just as I started walking out for the Wednesday pizza.

I'm wet now.

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It's the weekend, and we have rain \o/

It's still too hot, though.

Tory election result is in...

"Nation f*cked"

The United Kingdom is truly fucked after a horny bumbling man-child who swallowed a thesaurus somehow found himself in possession of the keys to number 10 Downing street.

It's Wednesday. It's pizza time. Good evening, and to all. 🍺🍕

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Android: hey do you want me automatically turn on wifi and connect to a high speed network when one is available?

Me: okay but if wifi is off how do you know when there are available networks?

Android: ...

Me: ...

Android: you ask too many questions

School's out for summer, but Wednesday night is still pizza night. Good evening, and to all.

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