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Android: hey do you want me automatically turn on wifi and connect to a high speed network when one is available?

Me: okay but if wifi is off how do you know when there are available networks?

Android: ...

Me: ...

Android: you ask too many questions

School's out for summer, but Wednesday night is still pizza night. Good evening, and to all.

Lunchtime already. Good afternoon, and to all.

Time to light the barbecue and crack open a beer. Cheers,

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Today looks like a barbecue type of day. We have charcoal.

Good morning, and to all

decided he wanted to try some Hot Salsa Dorito dip today.

His verdict: "Mmmm Tomatarrrgh!"

It's Wednesday! It's beer and pizza night. Cheers, and good evening.

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hi folks, I have opened my own Mastodon server so I'm migrating my account there. Please follow me on:



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