decided he wanted to try some Hot Salsa Dorito dip today.

His verdict: "Mmmm Tomatarrrgh!"

It's Wednesday! It's beer and pizza night. Cheers, and good evening.

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hi folks, I have opened my own Mastodon server so I'm migrating my account there. Please follow me on:



turned twelve on Thursday. so today we're heading out with a horde of kids to go laser shooting.

Good afternoon, , and wish me luck ;-)

Beer time. Pizza is on the way.

Good evening, and happy Hump Day.

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It's Wednesday. So it's beer and pizza night. 🍺🍕

Cheers, and to all.

There's a new barber in town. He has free coffee. I like this place already.

It's beer and pizza Wednesday. Happy hump day, and to all

Free breakfast FTW! Good morning, and to all ☕

Having spent all day handling a warm chainsaw, I am now relaxing with a cod beer. Cheers, fediverse 🍺

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Happy "I Love Free Software" Day everyone! Let's use this wonderful occasion to express our love and appreciation to all the people creating #FreeSoftware

Say *thank you* today #ilovefs

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