Good morning and #tzag ... to the coffee pots!

@morph Good morning from the train. imminent in 43 minutes. Not that I'm counting or anything.

@paul We aren’t addicts. We can stop doing coffee at anytime we want.

nice. we didn't actually plant pumpkin this year but the chickens were kind enough to plant a couple for us. We ended up with a couple of good sized pumpkins

@whistlewright That's handy. Our chickens invariably try to dig up everything we plant. But this year's harvest was our most successful yet -- the biggest pumpkin weighed in at 15 kilos.

WOW! Nice.

Right at the beginning of growing season we let the chickens out of their run to do the tilling for us. They did a pretty good job of breaking ground but they managed to plant pumpkins, basil, and quite a few sunflowers in the midst of the pepper plants. In growing season the chicks do not leave the run. We wouldn't have any plants if we let them out

@whistlewright We try not to let any of the chickens out, but they keep escaping. And, as soon as one finds a way out the rest will follow.

Our neighbours have much tamer chickens. Next time we are planning to get ours from the same place they get theirs.

Ours are in a pretty good sized run. They don't really try to escape much anymore. They are getting old, fat, and lazy, I guess.

@whistlewright Lucky you. The first ones we had weren't too bad. But then we got another three and they have been absolutely uncontrollable.

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