@Luke @ghostdancer A large sausage roll and a coffee. How about you?

@paul @ghostdancer lots of coffee then toast with peanut butter and banana on


@Luke @ghostdancer Peanut butter is one thing I've never been fond of but you remind me that 's favourite breakfast is toast with ham and salami on it.

@paul @Luke @ghostdancer Ya bunch of amateurs! It's Marmite in't it. Marmite on toast is the food of the gods.

@dick_turpin @Luke @ghostdancer I couldn't agree more. If I could drag myself out of bed 20 minutes earlier, I'd have Marmite on toast every day.

@dick_turpin @paul @Luke @ghostdancer It's hardly lobster and caviar although we do have that on Sundays.

@paul @dick_turpin @Luke @ghostdancer Twinings English Breakfast (strong). Obviously.

I don't like herbal teas and in particular I can barely stand a single sip of Green tea (despite all the health benefits).

@ghostdancer @paul @dick_turpin @Luke That's a nice national stereotype but most English people don't sit down to that every single morning. Maybe as a treat, hangover food or in a hotel.

See also 'Tea and cucumber sandwiches at 4pm' 🙂

@andyc @paul @dick_turpin @Luke I thought so, you need time to prepare it and probably 1 hour to digest it and begin to move afterwards 😆

@ghostdancer @paul @dick_turpin @Luke Having said that, my recollection is that my Mum did a cooked breakfast every single day of his working life. And he worked for 40 years. And is still alive and well.

@andyc @ghostdancer @paul @dick_turpin like Andy says that's more a treat/weekend breakfast rather than daily.

@ghostdancer @andyc @paul @Luke Oh god, they generally only serve Liptons tea in Spain. Weak crap that it is.

@dick_turpin @ghostdancer @paul @Luke Have you ever packed tea bags for a trip abroad ? No me neither but my wife OTOH...

@andyc @ghostdancer @paul @Luke You swine! You've discovered one of my secrets! Not only do I/We pack PG Tips but we also bring coffee too! I always take then to OggCamp them four packets they give you in Travelodge are never enough. LOL

P.S. The one year the mother-in-law went to Prague for Christmas. She took a complete dinner including the Turkey and all the trimmings and cooked it in the apartment Bwahahaha

We still laugh about that now.

@dick_turpin @ghostdancer @paul @Luke She packed a turkey ! I hope it was in the refrigerated hold !

@andyc @ghostdancer @paul @Luke It gets better, we said "Mum, they have Turkeys out there! The whole point of the trip is a snowy Christmas experience!" She replied (And it wasn't meant as racist by the way) "Yeah but they're like not Turkeys from this country. They probably taste different?" I nearly burst my bladder with that one.

@dick_turpin I hope she wasn't screened at a border or an airport, i can imagine the faces of the policemen. 😯@andyc @paul @Luke

@ghostdancer @andyc @paul @Luke Do you think the cops would have slapped her for eating Brussels Sprouts?

@dick_turpin @ghostdancer @paul @Luke Only if she was travelling to Belgium. Apparently, that's a hate crime over there.

@ghostdancer @dick_turpin @paul @Luke 'Did you pack these bags yourself madam ?' 'Yes - and I stuffed that bloody turkey all by myself too. With no help from my useless son-in-law'.

@andyc @ghostdancer @paul @Luke She does make me laugh. We had her wedding anniversary a couple of months back (Her husband passed away the other week) she said to me at the event: "You know, you fit right in with this family" I replied "I think you'll find mum you fit right in with this family." Poor woman nearly choked on a vol-au-vent. LOL

@andyc @dick_turpin @ghostdancer @paul yeah pretty much every time I leave the country I take teabags.

@Luke Every time my parents visit, I ask them to bring tea bags. @andyc @dick_turpin @ghostdancer

@andyc @paul @dick_turpin @ghostdancer got to agree; tea has to be good quality and strong. I've done being vegan for a month etc but the only thing that I missed and couldn't substitute was milk in tea. Nothing else comes close to the institution that is a proper cuppa.

@andyc @paul @Luke @ghostdancer Now I like green tea, tbh I buy my tea from here: whittard.co.uk/ they have a shop in Brum. I really like their Russian Caravan whittard.co.uk/search?q=russia I don't do fruit teas. Those people who drink that muck should be put through a meat blender! 😉

@andyc My partner keeps buying herbal teas. I can't see the point -- all she ends up with is a mug of hot water. @dick_turpin @Luke @ghostdancer

@paul @andyc @Luke @ghostdancer Just sling her a glass of microwaved Ribena and tell her it's "Fruits of the Forest" tea she'll be none the wiser

@andyc I thought English Breakfast tea was trash until I tried Twinings

@johnnynull Yes. It's widely rumoured (in UK) that popular, budget teas (Tetley) are simply the dust and scrapings from the floors in the tea processing plants 🙂

@dick_turpin When you are as clumsy as I am -- especially first thing in the morning -- putting a heating element anywhere near a flammable object is terrifying @Luke @ghostdancer

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