I know there's other stuff going on today that people are - rightfully - paying more attention to. I'm just hoping to provide a brief distraction. :)

Reboxings like this one, for me, are more about form factor than space. I have a standardized size for my card boxes that allows them to fit well in a Kallax cube and look nice.

Plus, this box fits my metal tokens!

A lot of people have wondered why I rebox some of these games, if space isn't really a concern.

No Thanks, for example, fits everything - even sleeved cards! - just fine.

Today's custom project is my reboxing of one of my favorite quick fillers, No Thanks!

If I lose followers over this opinion?

GREAT. Good riddance.

And now back to your regularly scheduled board gaming fluff.

My overriding political opinion, made clear just once:

The Republican party - and every single person who still willfully identifies as Republican - are morally and ethically bankrupt. They are a cancer. Conservatism in general has metastasized into full-on hate.

I feel the need to say this today:

There are two things I intend to keep off of this account: swearing and politics. If you want to read me swearing about politics, follow me over at @GeekElite@twitter.com.

But know this: I am fiercely, unabashedly liberal.

If you don't like it, too bad.


And now I'll get two orders from Miniature Market in rapid succession. One I placed a couple days ago, and a pre-order from months ago with my copy of Coimbra.

I'm not complaining, mind you...

ESPECIALLY custom meeples for a game that *already has custom-shaped meeples", just not screen-printed ones.

$60 for a minor, incremental upgrade? No thanks.

Look. I love custom upgrades as much as the next guy.

Probably a hell of a lot more than the next guy.

But any company who thinks I'm going to pay $60 for a set of screen-printed meeples for a game is out of their minds.


Lancaster Big Box - $50 (One of the best WP games out there)
Royals - $28.50
Grifters - $10
Guilds of London - $20 (SO underrated. That price is BONKERS)
Arkwright - $50
Mexica - $40 (currently my favorite area control game)

Those are the ones that caught my eye.

The @MiniMartTalk@twitter.com "Rake In The Savings" sale has some AWESOME deals right now. My highlights:

Codenames XXL - $26
Alhambra Anniversary Ed - $37.50
Kepler 3042 - $32.50
Pitchcar - $60
Alien Frontiers - $29
Wasteland Express Delivery Service - $44


As context for this NOPE:

The person (me) who built *this* is not going to just toss components in a box, regardless of what social benefit it encourages.😂

As always, thanks for joining me for another ! Check back every week for a new post about awesome coins you can add to your favorite board games!

These rubles are perfect thematic fit for Russian Railroads, and cost me about $12 for 20 coins. That's on the high side per-coin, but since the overall cost was low I was willing to make the jump for a beautiful addition to one of my favorite games. 😊

Real coins can sometime be difficult to track down in correct quantities, or for a decent price. It takes a little more legwork and a willingness to buy on eBay to get what you're looking for.

But I have real coins in several games, and it's always been worth the effort.

In most cases, plain money isn't a good thematic match for a game. There are better generic options, and if you're like me and want your coins to match the theme of your games, US coinage won't cut it and fake coins might not offer the right options.

Enter: thematic real money!

Using real currency can be way more cost-effective than buying fake coins for your games. I mean, I could easily just use quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies, and it might cost me a fraction of what I'd pay for something from Artana or Fantasy Coin.

Good morning! For today's post, I'd like to share my first post about replacing board game money with real currency!

In this particular case, I used real Russian rubles to rplace the coins in Russian Railroads!

Dang. My Instagram account has been taking off over the last few weeks, and I couldn't be happier! I'm glad so many people enjoy my weird little niche in the boardgame community. 😊

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