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Playing games online with friends is fun, but I miss face-to-face game nights. :/

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Friends, we have decided to turn on approval for new users. There just seemed to be getting tons of bots / spam accounts. Tell you friends, if they want to fast track the approval process to fill out the "Why do you want to join?" box.

There are SO many historical war gamers on the Bird Site. I mean it’s only around 30-50, but if feels like thousands compared to the five that I know on Mastodon. 😞

Happy Birthday @Shunammite !!

I love being married to you. I would do it all over again!

Not sure how this mess of cables and doo-dads makes music, but I am sure @big_chip can tell me.

Christianity, Death 

While I don’t consider myself a part of the Christian religion any longer, I must say that Ravi Zacharias’ passing hurts.

I really miss the days of chits or simple plastic pieces in board games. Why? Nostalgia? No. It's because I SERIOUSLY CANNOT AFFORD TO PAY $150+ FOR EVERY SINGLE BOARD GAME I WANT TO PLAY. Come on, having a deluxe version is a real option, as is having an "upgrade kit", but even cardboard standees would be better than adding >$100 to the price of every game so you can include photorealistic miniatures.

You know, I will gladly buy Boardgames that people won’t likely play than RPGs of the same ilk. Why is that?

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Signed into Birdsite for the first time in a long time. I wish all the content creators were on mastodon. 🙁While I love this community, I do wish more would explore this platform.

Is there a privacy / data conscience alternative to

Tonight seems to be a and night whilst listening to

What is your favorite music? I bounce back and forth from "white noise" like extreme () to gypsy jazz ()

Also seems as though they have a version compatible with :dnd:.

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Yet another that I want that I won’t likely get anyone to play. I had as a kid and couldn’t get friends to play it 30 years ago.

I am running and notebooks! Look out, about to break some things. Don't worry, its all in the name of and

FOSS is and has always been about choice.

Don't like the software as it is? Fork it. Make it better.

Want to adapt the software to some other purpose? Feel free.

But what's great about FOSS is when projects have the ability and empathy to listen to their users and work with them. We're at our best when caring users and empathetic developers converge to make something great.

I don't want FOSS to be the best because it's FOSS; I want FOSS to be the best because it's considerably better.

I am having the hardest time getting a running as my printer server. I mean, I have CUPS up and running and ever thing says it should be working but nothing prints. Previous Brother MFC worked fine this little B&W laser, not so much. 😕

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