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Friends, we have decided to turn on approval for new users. There just seemed to be getting tons of bots / spam accounts. Tell you friends, if they want to fast track the approval process to fill out the "Why do you want to join?" box.

My company has made the full version of our app _Mindful Powers_ free to install. MP teaches kids mindfulness and meditation as a way of coping with anxiety and big feelings by interacting with a flighty creature named Flibbertigibbet. I'm really glad we are doing this:

Getting a belated birthday board game. I tell you; the biggest conundrum is purchasing a game I want (usually historical, that no one will play with me) or trying to find one that my friends will like and play...

Please help me out I cannot for the life of me properly remember that euro-style game based on Mexico City. Tch-something?

Dio lyrics sounds like the intro of a Lord of the Rings knock-off. However, this is my favorite of their albums:

Hello all.

I'm doing an open source tabletop RPG.

Also looking for simple games people can play in the browser with friends, due to quarantine.

Playing via a game of Dominant Species with some friends practicing social distancing.

This just started happening to me on Youtube. On Pop_OS and Firefox. Is this happening for anyone else?

Two things aren’t working on my MBP with :popos:. The camera doesn’t work out of the box, and I very much used to the multi-touch gestures.

It's done. Now for the next hour of downloading and configuring all the tools... I should set up a playbook for this.

I hate programming on Macs. It used to be so nice... I need to permanently move to Linux.

In the 1980s, a group of young dissidents in San Francisco's financial district got together to create a #Zine

"Processed World" is now available at the Internet Archive. Brace yourself for a world of subversive commentary and #Cyberpunk

Played a game of over the internet using . What a time to be alive!

“Since I'm self-isolating I can finally do all these fun and useful projects that I normally never have time for!”

*stares at Reddit 30 hours a day*

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