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Seriously considering replacing my iPhone with a flip phone, , point and shoot and a portable Player.

I am looking to remove the , and ridiculous expense of having one as a smart phone.

Besides, I have always liked carrying things in bags since I watched Indiana Jones as a kid.

Today I read what basically seemed like a hit-piece on Mastodon to warn people away from it because of internal disputes.

Yet here I am, enjoying my feed of #Linux and tech fans, seeing no adverts, not having random tweets promoted that I couldn't give a rats arse about, not having to *for the tenth time* tell it to order my toots normally...the list goes on.

Mastodon is lovely.

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I fell asleep during S02E01. Hope it was because I was too tired and not because it was too boring.

If you enjoy my posts about #wrenching on my old truck engine rebuild project, please consider boosting this message. I'd love to find more people on the fediverse who are mechanically inclined and can share advice. Due to the decentralized nature, it's not as easy to find niche interests.

To anyone who doesn't know, I'm slowly rebuilding my 1965 GMC 1000 pickup. Right now I have the engine pulled. It's been machined, and I'm reassembling. I have a long road ahead.

#Wrenching #DIY #ClassicCars

Bird box sounds like a subscription mail service that sends you a bird every month

I had my first two PRs for a open source project merged today. :flan_hacker:

Made my first bag today. Not perfect, but extremely pleased with it and it’s very usable. I loved the entire process. I had no idea how intellectually difficult is. Props to all the out there making things.

Fascinating interview with the head of Harvard’s astronomy department  about Oumuamua, the first object in history to pass through the solar system and be identified as definitely originating outside of it.

#space #aliens

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