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Me: Finished my DnD character.

Wife: Hang on, are you telling me you can’t manage to match your socks in the morning but will order an obscure set of dice that requires you to fill in the numbers yourself just so the coordinate with your minis?

Me: yes.

Wife: bloody nerd.

Scored a PowerPC G3 Apple Tower today. Going to put buster on. What to make it do... πŸ€”

Hey all! D&D / RPG enthusiast with a little wargaming & boardgaming thrown in - trying a new space to see what happens.

Going old school and mashing one of my sons wax crayons into them. One of the benefits of having a small child! Apparently this was the standard way of doing it way back when.

Hi everyone!

Avid boardgamer and geek looking for a new place to share my love and passion for this awesome hobby.

My favorite genre is Dungeon Crawling and I've started to develop my own game after doing quite a bit of modding work for MYTH.

Happy to be here!

@SteoanK Welcome aboard! Nice to have you here; let @fabian , @big_chip or myself know if you have any questions or concerns. Happy tooting!

Hello everybody! New user here that love board games. :)

I need to get my (getfreewrite.com/products/free) project back on the table. I wanted to emulate the functions of one without paying for it; Got this typewriter (it's flawless) from a thrift store for $9. I plan on sticking a in it to do the heavy lifting of connecting to wifi and capturing the key-presses and uploading them to my Nextcloud account.

The family went on a walk through the neighborhood with the dog.

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