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New users, you may not know that you can add yourself to the public directory so other users can find you based on your interests. Here's how:

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For new-ish users to , especially on my instance: Welcome! Here is the best write-up on the how things work around Mastodon:

Also, lurking is fine, but the strength of is in the diversity and engagement. Reach out make new friends. Follow people; report bad users (I will take care of them) and I look forward to seeing your pics.

Lastly, creating an post with hashtags of your interests will help with discovery!

Next time you are getting rid of an old tablet, cell phone, USB charger or charging cable, please consider giving directly it to a homeless person in need.

These things are so important to accessing support, education and job opportunities.

@WAHa_06x36 I started seeing this error in the Toot! App. Not sure if it is local to me or not.

What did everyone think about the new stuff #apple showed today? I thought it was interesting how much they mentioned #privacy and 'on-device' recommendations. Pretty obvious counterpoint to Facebook/Google.

The Special Event is interesting... They keep promising they aren't going to sell our over concerns.

@PetiteMort welcome aboard! Let @fabian, @big_chip or myself know if you have any questions or concerns. Glad you are and happy tooting!

@marksdb Welcome aboard! Let @big_chip, @fabian or myself know if you have any questions or concerns! Glad you are here.

Disc World: Ankh-Morpok. Pretty fun with 3 random folks at the con. Just as I don't know their real identities, I also got all of my opponents hidden identities wrong. Still won πŸ˜‚ Having buildings on the board early (see yellow) sure doesn't hurt. Light-hearted game for those who don't mind some chaos and the quirky theme. Plays in less than a hour.

Welcome aboard @Yoolia! Glad you are here. Let @big_chip, @fabian or myself know if you have any questions. Happy tooting!

I am trying to play Twilight Struggle via Steam Play and I am getting this weird rendering issue. Anyone know how to fix this? The game runs normal otherwise. on

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@robert There's a*tiny* little easter egg hidden on that map ;)

Hello Fediverse,

this is my new #introduction.

I'm a #motion #designer based in #London #UK. I'm also a #guitar player with a somewhat eclectic taste in #music : from #progressive #metal to #jazz to #psychedelic #rock and so on.

I'm also into #gaming , #boardgames and #videogames.

I'm aware of the importance of online #privacy in this time and age and I'm always on the look for better privacy oriented #software and services.

Please feel free to follow me if you share any of my interests.

I remember listening to a lecture on ancient Middle East that includes the mysterious Sea People.

β€” How Polynesia came to be inhabited is still one of the world’s great mysteries | The Spectator

Happy 1st Birthday Boardgames.Social! I am a terrible planner (way more P than J if that means anything to you) so today’s gaming festivities will be as hoc. Happy gaming!

Software is trending in the wrong direction. Decreased transparency, centralisation, and proprietary monopolies.

In this article I describe the 5 ingredients to ethical software:

- open data
- open source
- distributed deployment
- decentralised hosting
- end to end encryption

Let's make software less about profit, and more about people again.

#opensource #privacy #encryption #foss #software

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