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Robert Johnson

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Hello! My name is Robert, and I have migrated my accounts from several other instances to start this board game instance.

I love games, ala The Gaia Project and Through the Ages as well as most board war games. I clip my counters.

I also am interested in , , , , , and

I plan on posting lots of pics of games played and projects worked on.

On the table again after 1.5y: Scythe (5p). With only 2 achievements the Rusviet faction still (surprisingly) won. Very close: 50 to 47 to 47 to 4x. Also: New Bedford (3p). Balance discussions on the former (as usual), "okay" reactions on the latter 🙄 🐳 🤖

Watching a documentary on the typewriter. It is great. I love .

@Gargron Universal Entropy is just a really long-term garbage collector

At the moment, the artwork on Fosstodon is the stock #Mastodon artwork. There's an option to update that, and I think we should. There's 2 images required (details in image below).

I'm gonna try and come up with something myself, but I'm opening the floor to you guys too. Think about how FOSS speaks to you, what's important? How can you communicate that in an image? Looking forward to seeing your ideas, guys!

Like macOS but dislike Apple? Use ElementaryOS. Familiar enough to users of both Mac and Linux that it can be a happy medium.

I'm not new to Mastodon, but I'll say hello nonetheless. I'm just checking out other instances to find out where I fit in best.🙂👋🏻

As for #Introductions and #interests, I'm a 30-something, introverted bookworm from England with a particular interest in #fantasy and #scifi #books. I'm fond of all things #nature and #wildlife, and I'm a bit of a word-nerd/collector of useless information too, if I'm honest.🙂

Hey hey! Will update profile today. Im in Bristol uk, work for Jisc, and do Taichi (Chen style) and draw a lot.

Exporting whisky 🥃 and beer 🍻 in today's game night. Clans of Caledonia. 3p. 177 VP. Good one! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Finally Game Night! Codenames and Ra!

A Perfect Circle’s new album just dropped. It is amazing. 🎧🎼

If you find yourself in the tech industry and in Orlando: free food and drinks!

@iain did you ever get your own instance setup?

Introducing GNU Antisocial! No corporations, no birdsite crossposters, no fediverse drama, no one can access your personal information, not even your admin! No nazis, no tankies, no anarkiddies, no liberals, no prudes, no sex workers, no other people at all! The only thing you get is peace of mind and the perfect disconnection to the world!

Installation: add the following to your .bashrc

function antisocial {
echo $1 > /dev/null

antisocial "Your post goes here!"

Trying a new train station this morning.

Please remember that there are also more alternatives for the Fediverse than GNU Social, Mastodon and Pleroma. You should take a look at and, both are very interesting projects!

Welcome to Boardgames.Social @Matt Glad you are here!