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New users, you may not know that you can add yourself to the public directory so other users can find you based on your interests. Here's how:

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For new-ish users to , especially on my instance: Welcome! Here is the best write-up on the how things work around Mastodon:

Also, lurking is fine, but the strength of is in the diversity and engagement. Reach out make new friends. Follow people; report bad users (I will take care of them) and I look forward to seeing your pics.

Lastly, creating an post with hashtags of your interests will help with discovery!

I'm curious; if you ever moved instance, from what to what, and why?

@robert just grabbed the xfce spin off the website last night. Still early days but i got vscodium and node.js installed and cloned and ran one of my projects so im pretty happy to be honest.

I like the out of the box look and it runs fast, what’s not to like.

Played a new game (to me) the other night. I can’t recall the name of it now. It’s like a more complicated Qwixx. @Shunammite crushed it.

I figure I should finally post one...

Super into TTRPGs (5E/Pathfinder/Fiasco/FATE/Cryptomancer/Paranoia/Dread). Generally enjoy any board game (but I refuse to play Ticket to Ride).

I'm a mechanical keyboard enthusiast; I generally rock an Ergodox that I built at work.

If you play Star Realms online, send a challenge my way (Nestarion)

If you've heard of LabVIEW I'm pretty deep in the weeds there too. If not LabVIEW, then .NET, Python, or Rust.

Something that's been helping my lately... whatever has you overstressed or worried, finish off that statement with "...and that's okay." For example: "I botched up that order pretty bad... and that's okay." Helps to get you back in a good place, and sometimes think of solutions like I need help with this order instead of continuing to blame myself.

New to mastodon... just learned about it and it seems like an amazing project.
It'll probably take me a while to get used to the platform 😅

I'm self-educated in tech (networking, programming, security) and have been looking to contribute to some OSS projects for a while. Hoping to contribute to the cause, and to maybe switch from my current career as a digital artist into development full-time

I am kind of missing right now and wish I could go back. :-/

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I'm Cosmo. I play boardgames, tabletop games and I design digital adventure games. I'm broadly a creative, musical person and am open to experiencing new ways to play games, improvise emergent stories and generally broaden my gaming horizons.

The pizza delivery boy's pizzeria shirt said "LEGALIZE MARINARA"


Still wandering around and figuring out what’s what, but now’s as good a time as any for my I suppose. Late 20s, life long RPGer, moved into board games at large around 2014. I’ve got an OK collection and lack a lot of experience. I really enjoy coming up with themes and corresponding mechanics for games. Beyond that, hobbyist Linux, (bad) musician, craft beer, and sports fan. He/him. Happy to be here and hope to get involved. Intros are weird.

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First game of Treasure Island - only two players to test it out. As suspected, it's not really a two player game. As a Pirate, seeing how other players react to clues and deduce from that is more fun. As Long John Silver who hid the treasure (me) you can bluff twice and the Boyfriend had little chance to figure out what was true and what wasn't. He ended up finding it in the end but the process was a bit frustrating for him. Looking forward to playing it with more players though!

New users, you may not know that you can add yourself to the public directory so other users can find you based on your interests. Here's how:

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