What do you all use to browse files on s3? (on linux machines that is)

Played a game of Fauna and Cacao last night with friends after dinner. Both great games.

@iplayred Welcome aboard! Let @fabian @big_chip or myself know if you have any questions. Glad you are here and happy tooting!

Giving :manjaro: for a spin. I like it; though it is hard to beat Ubuntu's polish. Already had to struggle to install various things. But I will give it a week or so. In other news this HP Elitebook's keyboard is great.

I have missed playing :dnd: so much. Glad to be playing again.

@robert Turn off the mail notifications in your profile. It's in there with "email when new follower" and things like that

Hey and How do I stop the emails telling me that there are hashtags to approve?

@juicepockets welcome aboard! Let us. Now if you have any questions or concerns. And happy tooting!

Pretty cool article from someone that worked with Alton Brown. Best thing from it? He played war games!


Are unswitched, ethernet hubs still available? I am having a hard time finding one.

DnD night! We went on a romp through the sewers and then with the spoils bought an old abandoned tavern. The tavern has a small tower so my wizard is happy! (My character has a thing for towers)

I am at a place in my career where it makes sense to hire someone just to read and process my email.

I might have a keyboard problem; I can't seem to stop wanting to buy new ones; deep clacky keys to slim quiet ones; I like them all!


I will update this instance to v3 when it becomes GA.

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