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Playing games online with friends is fun, but I miss face-to-face game nights. :/

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Friends, we have decided to turn on approval for new users. There just seemed to be getting tons of bots / spam accounts. Tell you friends, if they want to fast track the approval process to fill out the "Why do you want to join?" box.

I love the SRV's guitar work is like milky, sexy goodness.

"Photos of leisure time are the new status symbols."

Not cars, not phones, not clothing.

#reading #books #instagram #frier

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Religion, Philosophy 

My wife and were discussing the pain of leaving the [Christian] Church the other night. There is still so much pain there for me. This morning, it pains me to say it, but I miss some of it. However, I realize that if I ever (and that is a big, "IF") think of returning, I would want to find a community that has more questions than answers.

I don't know why, I think drone video footage is the same as stock photography and I usually dislike it whenever I see it.

I might give Go a serious go at learning and playing a few games online. Does anyone here play?


A Strongbow with Fireball is my weaksauce.

😔 my install failed. Updating via the Pop_Shop seemed to stall. (I let it “run” over night because I walked away and forgot.) when I went back to it, apparently there was an update to some GRUB package. Rebooting after the update broke. Now I am trying to fix and it’s not working.

us politics, climate change 

“I still have the outrage,” she said. “It’s not like I’m 40.”

That stings a bit.

If you want to hear some better "American" folklore music, list to William Elliot Whitmore's Animals in the Dark.

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I wish Jack White produced Taylor Swift's new album. Otherwise, a pretty great set of tracks.

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