I would like to open a brick and mortar store for enthusiasts. It would carry every official model of Raspberry Pi's and accessories, along with all kinds of third party stuff. I think it could do well. You could even hold maker workshops and such. Would be so much fun.

@robert this sounds like an awesome idea! I've had ideas about making things with Pi's but never did anything with them. Having a place to go for the Pis, accessories, and people to hash out the details with would give me the kick I needed

@robert There aren't electronics hobby shops that already carry it? I'm not familiar with the brick and mortar market for that but it seems that they would have already covered that, no?

@brandon The closest thing around us would've been a Radio Shack, but they are all closing down. 😕

@robert Whereabouts are you from? That really sucks, especially since the only thing you have is a radio shack. I would market it as an electronics hobby shop rather than JUST raspi though, broadens the audience 👌

@brandon I am in the Orlando area. We have a great electronic shop that has been here for decades but they don’t carry anything raspberry pi related. Just wish that there was a local store I could make impulse purchases at. :-)

@robert damn I know what you mean, we have a big box store here and they don't even sell arduinos OR raspis. Not one mini pc like that

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