Is there a distro that focuses on being the best terminal/no-GUI experience?

@robert Oooh. I'd love to hear about that one also if it exists.

@robert not sure about that, but I think your closest bet would be one of the tiling window managers. I3 or awesome maybe. Manjaro i3 is pretty nice, or Archlabs with i3

@timapple I was thinking along these lines:
* a nice splash screen
* preloaded / updated terminal tools
* a guided walk through on how to navigate bash/zsh/ksh etc
* correct video display settings
* excellent monospaced font options
* excellent color schemes / themes
* and, loads of pre loaded development tools, like Pop_OS! default package install (which seems like everything I ever wanted is already installed)
* potential mouse support.

Just thinking out loud here...

@robert I don't think there is anything like that at this time..Arco maybe... of course, no time like the present to start your own distro.

@timapple Instead of trying to give people the best least version of a gui (like i3, which is amazing) why not have a distro that is designed with elegance and no window manager pre-installed. That can be run from old hardware but that is still a joy to use...

@robert Would be nice.... don't think it exists at this time.. Manjaro has Archtitect where you can install super minimal and pick packages... but no one has a GUIless iso that has all the good stuff pre installed.. sounds like you got yourself a new project.

@timapple Never looked at Manjaro-Architect before. Very cool. I might have to go do some testing.

@robert cool, I would be interested in hearing your results.

@robert i'd be interested in hearing more about what you're thinking.

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