Making the transition to “owning” my again. The trick is to buy used and build slow with intention.

@robert I think a lot about this! Are you documenting your experience of building up your library anywhere other than on Mastodon?

@robert I'd recommend also ripping those CDs and keep the rips in a lossless format: even commercial CDs can suffer from CD rot, and become unreadable.

Luckily, I found out after I had lost just one disc...

@robert personally I use a git-annex repository with all of the rips. One copy with full data is on an usb HD kept near my desktop, another is on an hd attached to a mediabox (debian based) that is connected to the stereo, and that's what I usually listed the music from.

On my laptop etc. I keep a checkout of the repository without the data, to be able to see what I have while not taking too much space.

I also used to have a copy of everything at a relative's house, but I need to refresh it.

@robert I have been doing this lately too. It’s been a lot of fun.

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