@robert Seriously considering doing this (though I've considered it before and never followed through).

@piraino Honestly it isn't easy. I manage multiple communities and used Facebook to do it because it was ubiquitous. It was the one communication channel that everyone used. Moving them over to text messaging. 🤷

@robert Yeah, there are a couple of local groups I'm a part of that would be hard to keep up with without Facebook. Instagram... I like a lot less than I used to. My feed there is too much like Facebook-lite now. But I love having my personal photos available - lots of vacation and life memories. Maybe I should port them all over to Pixelfed.

@piraino I think the @PixelFed team is working on an importer... But I might be mistaken.

@robert I am doing this in 3 days (giving people a chance to ask for contact details first) but I have downloaded all of my info and then I am pulling the plug. I wanted my wife to do the same but her job requires her to use some facebook groups for her customers so she can't.

@robert Congrats, I was hoping to do that by the end of 2018, but life got a bit crazy. I will follow your footsteps soon!

@robert I'm giving Facebook six to twelve more months, but altering my presence on the platform. Will wait to see what pans out in regards to Facebook as an improving (or not) player among online services.

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