Seriously considering replacing my iPhone with a flip phone, , point and shoot and a portable Player.

I am looking to remove the , and ridiculous expense of having one as a smart phone.

Besides, I have always liked carrying things in bags since I watched Indiana Jones as a kid.

@robert I'm tempted to do that myself, but I'd rather have a digital music player. ;)

@starbreaker I thought of that as well; Not sure I want to spend the time ripping to ogg and managing the files/data. I would rather just grab a couple of difference CDs for the day. Besides, it would force me to listen to tracks I would normally skip.

@robert Fair point, but I tend to rip CDs to ogg as soon as I get them, to avoid scratching or losing them.
@robert But that will be a pain for you since you haven't been doing it. But if you decide to do it anyway I recommend installing abcde. Best ripper I know.

@robert that only thing stopping me is the google authentication app for various webisites.

@speaksthegeek Currently using Authy (on my desktop) but that is a good point.

@robert I even tried to find a old nokia smart phone (n80) app to replace it but no joy

@wohali @speaksthegeek Looks really nice; but I don't want a smart phone any more. Just simple text and calls.

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