Made my first bag today. Not perfect, but extremely pleased with it and it’s very usable. I loved the entire process. I had no idea how intellectually difficult is. Props to all the out there making things.

@lark thanks! It’s hard work! I have so much more respect for the craft after this.

@robert Certainly doesn't look like it's your first time doing this! Great job! Beautiful fabric too.

@breugel thanks! I did take the photos to mask some of the imperfections. The interior is a little big, so it bunches inside a bit. Some of my edge stitching went a little wild. Definite hope to to get better with practice. Thanks for the encouragement!

@robert This is awesome! Where did you learn the techniques for making it?

@robert Whow that’s really cool! Very good job!

Did you follow a plan/pattern? I would be interested in making one for me too!

@robert that's actually really good, better than the first bag I made.

@Innerkaur Thanks for the encouragement. I hope to get better in time.

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