@robert There's a*tiny* little easter egg hidden on that map ;)

@robert You'd need a magnifying glass. I'll have a look for a zoomed in image

@robert Hehe… come to think of it, I'm not sure if Christian ever found that :D

@robert I always try to hide some tiny detail on something like that.

I think Port Royal might have the original land mass from back then. Did you know there was an earthquake which sunk the fort?

@robert Now I'm trying to think what else there might be… nine years ago!

@robert February that year I climbed around the rigging of the Enterprize (I think) taking some photos that I used for reference for the player board and box inner. That was fun

@urbanfuzzy that is so cool. My dad used to make ships in bottles.

@robert Ah… I was listening to "The Spiel" a lot back then. These were shipped punched already, but the punchboard had a reference.

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