I would like to try again. What is the best distro with the best KDE experience out of the box? Suse?

@robert kubuntu or manjaro
depending if you want to go apt or pacman
I've not tried SuSe for many years so I can't comment

@robert that been said I have had issues with Manjaro and using more than 1 HDD but that being said I have 4 in my system all for Linux since I ditched windows totally the other week

@speaksthegeek I like it for the most part! Honestly I have been at a conference all week and left that laptop at home. I will play with it more next. First impression of it is good!

Pretty much any distro now supports officially KDE, and you can now download any distro with KDE by default.

@iLoveCinnamon True, but I was using PopOS which I like a lot, but pretty sure their KDE implementation is vanilla at best.

@claudiom Very very fascinating. What does this exist when Kubuntu exists? Different aim? Different repos?

@robert I think it uses Ubuntu as the base, but the KDE stuff is usually the latest and greatest version of all KDE applications.

@robert The KDE team is responsible for this distro.

@robert I personally haven't tried it, but some podcasters I listen to have used it and like it.

@robert And, if you hadn't noticed, they also are working on a laptop called the KDE SlimBook which runs Neon preinstalled.

Tbh? I’d say Kubuntu. I’ve used for years and trying things like Fedora’s KDE didn’t feel the same. If you want the latest and greatest, #KDE Neon will be your best bet.

@robert is kde plasma not available as an option on debian?

@robert Kubuntu! 19.04 is coming out in like a week or two but 18.10 is already great

@robert I was KDE Neon user for a while and I recommend it but is not a distro itself


I used KaOS before I switched to Qubes (which you coud run with KDE as well), and I don't agree with the author of the article. KaOS handled the monster KDE very well, from my perspective.

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