has been a bit buggier that I expected. KMail crashed, (more than once), Firefox also took a dump. Also, what is this crap? I will give it another week or so, but I will likely revert back to either or some build...

My KDE Neon is working nicely. What distro are you using?

@robert have you tried NixOS? It looks interesting. Uses plasma 5 desktop. Haven’t had a chance to take it for a spin myself yet but it’s on my to try list. The single declarative config file sounds interesting.

@robert that's similar to my experience whenever I gave #KDE another chance over the years. As soon as I start customizing it, it goes into some weird broken state from which I cannot recover it without reinstalling. I asked a colleague at work who's using it as his daily environment if he's had similar issues, and he just shrugged and said he never needed to customize it.

@robert I installed it in my #Ubuntu last year with high hopes and was amazed to find the same issues that have prevented me from using it years ago - obviously #KDE and me aren't meant for each other. I switched back to #Gnome, but for some reason my splash screen still says #Kubuntu.

I've come to find these little quirks iconic of #Linux.

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