I am not a video gamer, but I might buy a new console for Cyberpunk 2077

@robert I will be getting that game, but not before DOOM: Eternal. 😉

@robert Unless it's released before DOOM: Eternal, of course. 😬

@robert Death Stranding is another one that's caught my interest.

@robert 11/22, right before Black Friday.

How apropos. 😁

@robert have only glanced at this year's E3, know mostly about it from last year. What intrigues you? Just the theme? Anything innovative? (I personally missed news about space opera Beyond Good & Evil 2.)

@fabian Just the theme really; it reminds of the Shadownrun RPG which I have fond memories of.

@robert is this the one based on an old ttrpg for way back?

@big_chip it might be. Honestly I haven’t spent too much time looking into it. The logo does look familiar.

Cyberpunk looks amazing!!!! But to be honest there is a lot of stuff I'm looking into next year! Like Vampire Bloodlines 2 😍

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