I need to get my (getfreewrite.com/products/free) project back on the table. I wanted to emulate the functions of one without paying for it; Got this typewriter (it's flawless) from a thrift store for $9. I plan on sticking a in it to do the heavy lifting of connecting to wifi and capturing the key-presses and uploading them to my Nextcloud account.


What am I missing? Wouldn't an old laptop do? Or is it the battery life and portability that makes this attractive?
Granted an R Pi project also sounds perfect.

@randynose yeah, it could, it is more about having nothing BUT a writing app that is tactile, yet modern enough to save the content digitally. This way it is you against a blank sheet of paper. It is way more intimating that way. No distractions...

Hey if it works for you, who can complain? It just got me thinking that a old laptop (or Pi) that boots into a nice text editor could be a quick and easy thing to do. A 16 gig sd card on a Pi would have plenty of room.


@randynose Absolutely correct; however, who wants to take the easy path? ;-)

Hey, if you hand craft something that are proud of... That's cool. For other things there's Master Card.

I hand crafted a crystal radio for a friend back when I was in the 6th grade. It was awesome. IMHO.
Wish I taken pictures of it.

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