I deleted the twitter app from my phone and its already apparent how much attention I have regained from removing it. I got into the habit of just scrolling through it too often and it’s astounding how many times i went to do it and then remembered it was gone. With that gained attention I put my phone down and have had time to start building an hugo website and started reading the problems of western philosophy.


@big_chip I removed all of the big social media's from my life and have enjoyed the repercussions. Have you heard of people and (fear of missing out)? I recently read about : the Joy of Missing Out. :D

@robert I worked selling TVs one Christmas and we got pushed on FOMO pretty hard to pin more sales down. The price won’t last and stock is limited so we cant reserve, buy now or miss out. Made me feel uneasy so I left ASAP, turns out I am a bad capitalist and worse salesperson. JOMO is new on me but I get the benefit.

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