I don’t know if I want to be a board game collector anymore.

If I could figure a better way to trade board games I would. ... 🤔

@robert I try not to collect, just get ones that I think that we'll play as a household or during parties. But I do collect other things, so no judgement!

@david I love being a collector for the most part; just with board games I get sad that I have so many that don't get played much.

@robert I keep telling myself that I should clear out some of my old games, but I'm too much of a hoarder to be able to make myself do so ...

@paul @robert i have been meaning to trade/ sell my copy of whistle stop for months but i just cant muster up the enthusiasm to do it.

@big_chip @robert It's difficult. There are plenty of games I no longer play, but actually getting rid of them is a bit too much of a tug.

@robert @paul oh it’s different for me then. Its just lethargy.

@robert @big_chip It's definitely sentiment in my case. If I didn't care I would happily get rid of them in an instant.

@robert my game group owns games together - I buy some, they buy some, we buy expansions for each others’ games. We are in different cities so will make lists of what we want to trade every time we get together. It has worked nicely.

@dsrtrosy that’s a good idea. Our groups is very much the same way. However, none of us get rid of games.

@robert just park some of your games at friends’ houses. That’s what I did with Sheriff 😎

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