A shot from last night's :dnd: session. Had such a great time getting back into the saddle again!


It was the first time that I played with mostly digital resources; I bought the PHB, DMG, TMM and CoS all on DnDBeyond; and for the most part, it has been great!

@robert I found it fine for DMG and TMM but I couldn’t survive without a physical PHB. I skip back and forth through those pages so much a digital copy just didn’t do it for me. I have a brain like a sieve though so am always looking stuff up.

Digital spell cards is where it should be though.

@big_chip I do have a PHB underneath my iPad! And ironically, I ordered some physical spell cards from Galeforce 9 for some of the players.

@robert Spell cards are the most useful thing I ever got. Especially as I like to play wizard. Saves loads of time and makes keeping track of prepared spells a doddle.

@robert We've been using the D&D Beyond character builder for all of our character sheets, but we haven't done the digital manuals. I kept thinking about how it would have probably been a huge improvement during our game when our GM had the GM screen, then his laptop, then three different manuals all propped open within each other to specific pages. Also, so much time was flipping through them looking for stuff despite a million sticky tabs.

@PastaThief I found it to be 80% perfect on the iPad. I think for the next session, I am going to use the laptop.

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