@robert i miss the curve of a crt and the degaussing coil.

@big_chip For sure! I still have a degaussing coil (and they are easy to make)!

@robert when I was a kid my grandad shew me one and I was convinced it was magical.

That is until he gave me the physics lecture about it, if anything it became more magical.

@robert @big_chip AAAA NO IT IS NOT TRUE! Reality is only broadly considered to be stranger than fiction because we assign special status to odd experiences in reality that we would not in fiction. There are MUCH stranger things that exist in fiction, and if there weren't at the time some aspect of reality was discovered, one could simply imagine it in an improbable colour scheme with inappropriate monkeys.

@PastaThief @big_chip my view: What is unknown is stranger than what doesn’t exist. Fiction has gaps. Reality is largely unknown. Mystery > non-existence.

@robert @big_chip The territory of the imagination is also largely unknown. Every mind in existence is continually imagining or dreaming on some level, and the proportion that make it into the cultural record is infinitessimally small, much less that which is consumed by others or by an individual. Stand and look at a condo tower and think about all the things that have been imagined there in one day that nobody else will ever know.

@robert @big_chip Okay, I just saw that this is a real thing apparently created by the UK conservatives and am forced to admit that truth really may be stranger than fiction after all: youtube.com/watch?v=cre0in5n-1

@PastaThief @robert you haven’t seen Count Binface or Lord Buckethead yet have you?

@PastaThief @robert Nigel Farrage once got fewer votes than someone in a dolphin suit calling themselves Flipper. UK elections can be pretty odd at times.

@big_chip @robert Degaussing is the best analogy to "brain zaps" that I've found for people who haven't experienced them, and it always makes me sad that so few people these days have had that experience to draw from. Also, when I worked at a call center, it was fun to mess with the person opposite you by holding your telephone handset near the back of their poorly-shielded monitor. :)

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