Saw Knives Out yesterday. Super fun movie. Proton Mail makes an appearance.

I'm of two minds on this movie. On the one hand, there's a dearth of good movies being made today, so it would be nice to have more. However, it's from a director who has contributed to the decimation of the Star Wars legacy & the actor who has turned Bond into a mindless thug. 😶

@SlowRain I get the criticisms. I tend to try to think of the output differently than the persons involved.

It's difficult for me. I take my movies & books seriously (except comedies 😄 ). I don't like it when writers & directors insult the intelligence of their audiences. It'd be easier to cut Johnson & Craig some slack, though, if they'd just fess up to the crappiness of their previous movies. Still, if Knives Out is an intelligent, well-made movie, I may give it a try.

@SlowRain its a unique, fun property outside the rash of comic book movies and remakes. I would say it was worth your time.

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